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From Brickipedia, the LEGO Wiki is the official website of the LEGO Group. It is the home of several subsites for different LEGO themes, as well as the official online LEGO shop.

The most recent homepage.
A version of the Homepage

Details[edit] has five main sections which can be found between the LEGO logo and the search bar. They read, from right to left: Home; Products; Games; Create & Share; Shop.


The home page shows several advertisements for LEGO products, themes, sites, and games. Quicklinks can alo be found under the bottom sections. The front shows different site and game images related to Below are links to the LEGOLAND site, legal rights, Parents and Teachers' information, an About Us section (Which includes a timeline of LEGO), and an online customer service line. The home page was most recently updated on November 4, 2014.

A holiday themed home page


Here are several images which link to LEGO subsites, such as Star Wars, Legends of Chima, City and more. Beside these are links to products that have been recently put up for sale on, and most visited sites of

Online Games[edit]

Here, the visitor can play one of the many LEGO games that have been created and put on the site. There are currently 75 games, a list can be found at Online Game.

Create & Share[edit]

This page has links to the LEGO Club Magazine site, LEGO Digital Designer, Galleries, and the Message Boards.


The shop are is where anyone with a LEGO ID may shop for any LEGO set currently available on the site. A list of sales and the most popular sold items may also be found, as well as reviews on several available sets. Besides official LEGO Stores, sets that may only be found at can be bought, and are tagged with an "exclusive" sign, as well as a "Hard to Find" sign for those only available at and certain stores.

This appears when you confirm an order.


  • is one of the most visited toy sites in the world since its first launch on November 9, 1996.

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