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The Ninja theme was a short lived subtheme of Castle, that ran from 1998 to 2000. The sets of the theme were based around the Samurai and Ninja of feudal Japan. In 2009, they appeared in 4850307 LEGO Battles, as an ally of the Imperials, and the enemy of both Pirates and Islanders. A ninja minifigure was also released in Minifigures series 1 in 2010. It was succeeded by Ninjago in 2011.


The Ninja line relocated the classic Castle Theme to ancient Japan, where graceful Oriental architecture provided the backdrop for an eternal struggle between two factions of daring and masterful martial artists. Interesting new elements for the Ninja line include samurai helmets and armour, ninja hoods, katana swords, and precious faceted jewels. The Shogun Gi-Dan and his ally Ito, the grey ninja, defended a trove of mystical rubies from the Bandit Chief Kendo, his band of robbers. However, the black ninja Bonsai, will stop at nothing to possess the ancient treasure.


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Four Ninja mini-sets were available around this same time. They were each sold under more than one stock number, and the only set to be named was the small catapult wagon 1099 Ninja Blaster, which also used the numbers 1184 and 3016. The other three sets included a ninja raft 1185/3017, a sword cart 1186/3018, and a bat-winged hang glider 1187/3019, each with a Ninja minifigure.

In 1999, the action shifted, as the jewels were captured by the evil Emperor and secreted within his fortress-like palace. The white ninja princess appears, and with the aid of her army of flying red ninjas, attempt to overthrow the Emperor and rescue the dazzling treasure. The Emperor had at least one ship to use.

Four (circa) 1999 Ninja mini-sets were available, sold as promotions from Kabaya, a Japanese candy company. This the sets in this group had two different stock numbers.

Three small Ninja sets were available from Shop At Home in early 2000. These were the only sets to include a pair of green Ninja warriors:

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