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Green check.png This page is one of Brickimedia's policies.
This page documents an official Brickimedia Policy that the Brickimedia community has accepted and Brickimedians must follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.
Last updated: 18 March 2014

General Scope[edit]

This policy outlines what personally identifiable information is collected and stored by the Brickimedia Association and how it is used across the wikis. The information outlined in this Privacy Policy relates only to those accessing a Brickimedia website. Any external website linked to on a Brickimedia website may collect and use personally identifiable information differently than the Brickimedia Association. It is important to know how your information is being collected and used by these external sites by viewing their privacy policies.

Anonymous usage[edit]

Before the creation of a user account on Brickimedia, a user has the ability to browse, and in most cases contribute, anonymously. The term "anonymous" in the case of contributing is defined as the action of editing without a registered user account. Instead of contributions made under the registered user account's name, anonymous contributions are stored under your IP address. If you do not want your IP address to be publicly displayed, it is recommended that you create an account.

Data collected upon visiting[edit]

Upon visiting any Brickimedia website, certain information is automatically collected by the software the websites run on. If logged in, visits to the site will be logged in a private CheckUser log associated with your username. To store user logins, Brickimedia uses cookies to remember your login for a specific period of time. If you do not wish for login cookies to be stored on your machine, you may uncheck "Keep me logged in" on the login page. Additionally, Brickimedia uses third party services such as Google and Quantcast. Upon visiting Brickimedia, Google AdSense uses cookies to display ads relevant to your browsing activities. You may opt out of interest-based advertising by visiting Google Ad preferences. For more information about what information is used and collected by Google AdSense, please see Google AdSense privacy information. Brickimedia also uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows for our webmasters to see statistical data pertaining to the usage and visitors of Brickimedia websites. Google Analytics collects information such as city, country, continent, language, web browser, and operating system. The information collected by Google Analytics is completely anonymous, and is used by Brickimedia webmasters and administrators to help optimise the Brickimedia websites for its visitors. To opt out of Google Analytics, you may download Google's official browser add-on that will prevent any data from your computer being sent to any Google Analytics (this prevents webmasters of any site you use from seeing data about your browsing on other sites beyond Brickimedia). Brickimedia also uses QuantCast, which provides additional statistical data about the usage trends in Brickimedia websites. Information collected by QuantCast is kept completely anonymous, and is used only by Brickimedia webmasters to optimise the Brickimedia websites for its visitors. To learn more about what information is collected and used by QuantCast, please see QuantCast's privacy policy.

Data collected upon contributing[edit]

Upon contributing to Brickimedia websites, certain information such as web browser and IP address are collected and stored by the software that Brickimedia websites operate on. This information is kept in a private log that can only be accessed by users with CheckUser rights, and is kept private to only those with the access to view the CheckUser logs on Brickimedia. If you contribute to Brickimedia websites anonymously, or without logging in to a registered account, your IP address is publicly stored in association with the contributions you make.

Data collected upon account creation[edit]

Upon registering a user account on a Brickimedia website, certain information will be collected such as a username, password, and optionally your real name to associate with your contributions to Brickimedia websites. Your username, and if you supply one, your real name, is publicly accessible by any visitor on Brickimedia websites. Your password is kept private on the Brickimedia server. It is your responsibility to keep your password private to only yourself.

The Brickimedia software allows users to specify their gender in their preferences. This information can be displayed publicly. If you do not wish to share your gender, a registered user may choose to not specify their gender in Special:Preferences.

When creating an account on Brickimedia, it is recommended that you specify a valid email address to associate with the account. Your email address is not publicly visible unless you use the Special:EmailUser feature, which allows for direct user-to-user email conversation. These conversations are not overseen by Brickimedia, and it is your responsibility to practice internet safety when communicating through email. Additionally, specifying an email address allows for email notifications from Brickimedia, which can be selected or modified from Special:Preferences.