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1775 Aircraft (also known as 1775 Jet and Tower) is a promotional Town set released in 1994. It was a promotional release with TWA and Qantas airlines, but also available in the US from LEGO Shop At Home.


The set consists of two main models, a jet plane and a airport control tower. The plane contains two main forward wings, and dual tailwings. Twin jet engines are located directly under the tailwings, providing propulsion in order for the plane to fly. On the stabalizer fin connecting the tailwings to the fuselage, printing suggesting a plane flying over an ocean at sunset is seen. The sides of the plane contain four windows, per side, for any passengers contained within, such as included in the set. The roof and left side of the fuselage could be lifted up, exposing the inside. The inside contained one passenger seat and a table with a goblet placed on it. The cockpit consists of several large pieces, and admits a minifigure pilot, as is included with the set. Three sets of landing wheels are placed underneath the plane, and are unretractable. As well, small elements suggesting lights are featured on the tips of the wings.

The control tower is the second-largest model of the set, and contains room for a minifigure control tower operator within. The tower's bottom consists of three legs, one of which is brick-built in a modernistic, swooping style. The main part of the tower slopes up and outwards, and is made exclusivly of windows. Inside the tower, a radar screen and two keyboards are located, providing the control tower operator with data sufficient to control planes from his vantage point. On the roof of the tower, a radar screen is placed, as well as an antennae and a floodlight.


  • The jet plane features the same nose and cockpit design as the airliner included in 6597 Century Skyway.
  • The logo on the stabilizer fin is the same as in the sets 1774 Aircraft and 1818 Aircraft (Airlines).
  • This set, like many Town airplane sets, only has room for two to three minifigures to be seated inside.

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