71009 The Simpsons Series 2

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The Simpsons Series 2
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Homer Simpson
Marge Simpson
Bart Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Milhouse Van Houten
Comic Book Guy
Groundskeeper Willie
Edna Krabappel
Dr. Hibbert
Professor Frink
Hans Moleman
Martin Prince


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The Simpsons

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71009 The Simpsons Series 2 is a series of Minifigures based on characters from The Simpsons released in 2015.

LEGO.com description[edit | edit source]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from LEGO.com. Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page) Collect every minifigure in The Simpsons™ Series 2!

Ay carumba – it’s a brilliant second LEGO® Minifigures series for The Simpsons™! This cool collection features 16 of your favorite characters from the iconic animated TV show. There’s Homer in his best suit and tie, Marge in a fancy dress, Bart as Bartman, Lisa with Snowball II, Milhouse as Fallout Boy, plus Maggie with Santa’s Little Helper, Smithers, Patty, Selma, Comic Book Guy, Groundskeeper Willie, Edna Krabappel, Dr. Hibbert, Professor Frink, Hans Moleman and Martin Prince. Each minifigurecomes in a sealed ‘mystery’ bag with one or more special accessories, display plate and collector's leaflet. Open up a bag and see who you’ve got!

  • Every LEGO® The Simpsons™ minifigure comes with one or more accessories and a display plate
  • A must-have for LEGO® minifigure collectors and fans of The Simpsons™ TV series
  • Open up the bag and find out who you’ve got!
  • PLEASE NOTE: Only 1 of 16 individual minifigures in each 'mystery' bag. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for specific minifigures – and some minifigures may be more difficult to find than others. You may receive 2 or more of the same minifigures – trade withyour friends to collect them all. A maximum of 16 minifigures may be ordered per address, per household

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US $3.99
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The Simpsons Series 2 +
(Sunday Best)'"`UNIQ--ref-00000005-QINU`"' +
Comic Book Guy'"`UNIQ--ref-0000000E-QINU`"' +
Groundskeeper Willie'"`UNIQ--ref-0000000F-QINU`"' +
Edna Krabappel'"`UNIQ--ref-00000010-QINU`"' +
Dr. Hibbert'"`UNIQ--ref-00000011-QINU`"' +
Professor Frink'"`UNIQ--ref-00000012-QINU`"' +
Hans Moleman'"`UNIQ--ref-00000013-QINU`"' +
Martin Prince'"`UNIQ--ref-00000014-QINU`"' +
(Sunday Best)'"`UNIQ--ref-00000006-QINU`"' +
Bartman'"`UNIQ--ref-00000007-QINU`"' +
Lisa (Sunday Best) and Snowball II'"`UNIQ--ref-00000008-QINU`"' +
Maggie and Santa's Little Helper'"`UNIQ--ref-00000009-QINU`"' +
Fallout Boy'"`UNIQ--ref-0000000A-QINU`"' +
Smithers'"`UNIQ--ref-0000000B-QINU`"' +
Patty'"`UNIQ--ref-0000000C-QINU`"' +
Selma'"`UNIQ--ref-0000000D-QINU`"' +
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