Santa's Little Helper

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Santa's Little Helper

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Santa's Little Helper is a character from The Simpsons who was released in 71009 The Simpsons Series 2 in the same packets as Maggie. He is the loved pet greyhound of the Simpsons family.

Description[edit | edit source]

Santa's Little Helper is mainly dark orange in colour. His overall shape represents that of a greyhound, upon which the character is based. He has four legs, and his feet are moulded in a manner where Santa's Little Helper is able to be placed onto stud-adorned surfaces. He has a thin and slightly curved shaped body, he has a hole-embedded stud on his back. His head is circular and has a small floppy ear on each side. He has large white eyes with black pupils. He snout is pointing straight and has a black circular nose on it.

Background[edit | edit source]

After spending all his money for Christmas on removing a tattoo from Bart's arm Homer didn't have any money for Christmas presents. Homer then gets a job as Santa in Springfield Mall and earns a small ammount of money. Homer bets the money on Santa's Little Helper, who's partaking in a greyhound race. Homer does this as he thinks the name is some sort of sign. Santa's Little Helper finished last, and his annoyed owner abandoned him. Homer brings Santa's Little Helper as the christmas present, and everyone was so happy with him that it was their favourite Christmas present.

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