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Adam Acid

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Adam Acid is a Ultra Agents minifigure released in 2014. He is a villain that appears in 70160 Riverside Raid as one of Toxikita's henchmen. He is a harbour master as a civilian.

Description[edit | edit source]

Adam Acid has earth blue legs, earth blue hips, a grey torso, and a transparent green head. His right arm is grey as well and has a light grey hand, while his left arm and hand are lime green. His torso and head are decorated, with his head's decoration depicting an angry snarl. The left side of his face is yellow, with a black eye with a white pupil and a black eyebrow. His mouth also reveals gritted white teeth. The right side of his face features no yellow printing, instead taking on the transparent green of the rest of his head. It features a large red eye, a black eyebrow, and a continuation of the mouth, except with grey teeth. Adam Acid also wears a black skullcap and wields a black gun.

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