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Solomon Blaze

Galaxy Squad
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Galaxy Squad
Ultra Agent


White Blaster


2013 - 2015

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Solomon Blaze is a minifigure who initially appeared in Galaxy Squad in 2013. He later reappeared as an Ultra Agents character in 2014 and 2015.

Description[edit | edit source]

Solomon Blaze's face is printed with a concentrating face, and a small scope over his right eye. His alternate expression, like all human members of the Galaxy Squad, has a breathing apparatus printed. His helmet is the same colour blue as the ADU soldiers from Alien Conquest, as are his arms and legs. His torso is light grey with a white stripe running vertically through the center. His armour printing is based on the muscles underneath. He has a small symbol, that of his squad, printed in the upper-left corner of his chest. A black utility belt is also present at the base of the torso. Grey armour printing is continued in the center of the hips. Solomon's legs are printed with grey knee-pads lined with black.

Blaze's Ultra Agents minifigure has black legs, black hips, a black torso, black arms, white hands, and a yellow face. The torso is printed to depict a buttoned-up tuxedo, and the legs are printed with a silver leg-brace and toe implying an artificial limb. Blaze's head is printed to depict a smile, black eyes with white pupils, black eyebrows, and a grey mustache. His other facial expression portrays him angry. He wears a light grey tousled hairpiece and wields a white gun.

Background[edit | edit source]

Solomon Blaze is a member of the Galaxy Squad, the leader of the Blue Squadron. He is known to fight against the Alien Mosquitoids, and the Alien Buggoids. At some point when he grew older, he joined the Ultra Agents as their leader when the team was formed.

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