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[] The Quality Check Group, also known as the Crown Knights is a panel of Brickipedians who review, monitor, and improve all aspects of article ratings. The group consists of all members from the former Board of Reviewers and the Completeness Check Group, and inherit most of the abilities of both of those groups.

Quality Check Group members have the ability to:

  1. Rate any unrated articles, and upgrade an article's class up to an including Class 2 status (for example, they may promote an article from Class 4 to Class 3 or from Class 5 to Class 2).
  2. Make comments in the "Technical MoS Check" sections of Featured article and Class 1 nominations.
  3. Review and close any entries in Brickipedia:Articles for Rating and other pages requesting a specific article for rating (such as Brickipedia:Articles for Rating/Class 2).
  4. Close Class 1 or Featured article nominations after the designated about of time, and then upgrade the nominated article's status if the vote was successful.
  5. While any user is welcome to contest an article's rating in a QC forum (the forums listed at the bottom of this page) and to make comments on these forums, only QCG members are eligible to vote.
    • While an article is being contested, a QCG member should change the rating of the article to the appropriate "contested" rating.
  6. Vote on QCG member requests.

Quality Check Group members cannot:

  1. Downgrade an article's status without a vote being passed in a QC forum. This excludes the Class 2 (future) rating.
  2. Promote an article to Class 1 or FA status unless an appropriate nomination has passed.

The following are the duties of the Quality Check Group:

  1. Review all Featured Article nominations and either A) approve or B) reject them in a vote, based on the quality and adherence to FA criteria of the article. All FA noms have to be approved by a quorum of at least 3 panel members, with no objections from another panel member. Members of the Quality Check Group should include {{RG}} (which results in Crown Knights.png) before their sigs to make vote counting easier. FA candidates can be rejected without a panel vote if removal of the nomination is requested by the original nominator.
  2. Strike unnecessary or irrelevant objections from the FA nomination page. Members of the BoR have the power to strike objections on the Featured Article candidates page provided the objection has been addressed and the original objector has been absent for at least a week after an "objection addressed" comment is left on the FA candidates page, but only with a quorum of at least three panel members approving the removal of the objection, and less than two opposed. Additionally, FA objections can be struck by the Quality Check Group (as well as by any admin) if they do not fall under one of the rules.
  3. Review and possibly remove FA status from an article. QCG members also have the ability to strip an article of FA status, but only with approval of at least three members.
  4. Review nominations for article ratings, and either A) approve or B) reject them.


Members of the QCG hold reviewer rights.

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Voting for these forums are only for members of the check group but other users are free to join existing discussions.
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Past FA review

Please look here for articles and contribute, vote, etc.

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Articles with contested or unclear status

If you come across an article that was deemed a certain class but disagree with this decision, or you are not sure whether or not an article actually meets the criteria for a certain class, discuss this here. Please look here for articles and contribute, vote, etc.

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