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Daisy is Stephanie's pet rabbit. So far, Daisy has appeared in three sets.

Description[edit | edit source]

Daisy is white in colour and she's standing up. She has big white rounded feet, a slanted body with a circular tail on the back. Her paws are turned in. Her head is slanting up. Her head is printed with a pink mouth and nose, with three black dots on each side. She has light blue eyes with black and white pupils. She has long pointy ears facing back. There is a space in between the ears for the blue bow she wears, though other accessories can also be attached here.

Background[edit | edit source]

Daisy's favourite food is carrots but she also likes hay, her favourite drink is water. Her owner, Stephanie takes her on a ride in 3935 Stephanie’s Pet Patrol and feeds her. Mia borrows Daisy from Stephanie for a magic show and she does various tricks with her.

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