LEGO Friendship Bracelets

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LEGO Friendship Bracelets
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LEGO Friendship Bracelets is a Friends polybag set released in 2012. It was given to the first 100 people who registered to set up an "Alex's Lemonade Stand" on the dates of June 4–8, 2012 in the US; and in Canada was given out with a Friends purchase of $25 or more.

Description[edit | edit source]

The set consists of two identical bracelets. Each bracelet is made out of a long knotted piece of string. At one end of the string is a loop, into which the other, split, end of the bracelet can be attached. The split ends at the other side each have a single 1X1 round brick and a bead strung on them. The middle of the bracelet features a looped purple piece of cloth with theFriends logo embroidered on it. Two more beads are situated next to the cloth loop on either side.

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