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1999 - 2001

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RoboRiders was a TECHNIC theme launched by LEGO in 1999 as a successor to the Slizers theme. It was short lived, and was discontinued in 2001, when it was replaced by BIONICLE.

A total of seven official and four promotional sets were released while this series lasted. Special RoboRiders canisters, when exposed to cold temperatures, would reveal codes used to play an online game. Their canisters are similar to those of early BIONICLE sets.

The explanation of the code.

Background[edit | edit source]

Somewhere in cyberspace, there lived an un-named, advanced species, on a world divided into six regions: Dust, Ice, Lava, Stone, Power, and Swamp. A mysterious enemy arrived on their world and unleashed a virus, which spread across their world.

The story as it appeared on the website.

To counter the virus, the species created wheel-shaped armour for themselves, and six motorcycle-like machines, called RoboRiders, to travel in. The RoboRiders could fire elemental blasts by launching their rider. Eventually, the RoboRiders vanquished the virus and saved their world.

It was never revealed who the Boss RoboRider was. It has been speculated that he was either the one who unleashed the virus, or that he was the leader of the RoboRiders. The promotional sets never appeared in the storyline but it has been speculated they were created to help the Roboriders.

Types[edit | edit source]

Power RoboRider[edit | edit source]

Main article: 8514 Power

Power's City-Realm is not a safe place to be. This world is a huge city with acid rain, toxic fumes, and several highways with broken paths that are hard to cross. Power has giant cranes for his enemies. Power is armed with two plasma cannons and a wheel launcher. He has the element of metal-poison. His colour is yellow.

Frost RoboRider[edit | edit source]

Main article: 8511 Frost

Frost's Ice-Realm is known for temperatures far below frost temperatures; almost reaching -50 degrees Celsius (-58oF). It also has dangerous wind-icestorms and is filled with frozen obstacles. Ice caves, thorns, and monsters are everywhere, but there are also ice monsters. The colour of Frost RoboRider is white. He can can shoot ice-spears and also has a wheel launcher. His element is ice, and he is also coloured gray and Transparent Blue.

Lava RoboRider[edit | edit source]

Main article: 8510 Lava

Lava's Magma-Realm is filled with extreme heat, molten lava spewing out of volcanoes as well as constant rains of fire. Lava monsters are his main enemy. He is capable of swinging his flameaxes, and is armed with a wheel launcher as well. He has the element of fire/lava. He is red and orange.

Swamp RoboRider[edit | edit source]

Main article: 8509 Swamp

Swamp searches for the virus in the murky Swamp-Realm that is filled with deep holes, slippery pathways, and a jungle full of entangled vines. Swamp's enemies are large blue blobs that emerge out of the water. He is armed with twin Katanas to cut through thick vegetation, and is additionally armed with a wheel launcher. He has the element of flora/water, his colour is lime green.

Onyx RoboRider[edit | edit source]

Main article: 8512 Onyx

Onyx stays firmly in his Rock-Realm where he searches in the large mountain caverns and caves, but this is not truly a safe place since there is almost total darkness and Onyx is the only one known to be able to see perfectly well in this realm. His adversaries are giant rock monsters. His weapons are twin laserbeams, and he is armed with a wheel launcher as well. He has the element of earth. Onyx is coloured black.

Dust RoboRider[edit | edit source]

Main article: 8513 Dust

Dust searches for the enemies in the much-dreaded Desert-Realm. There are howling sandstorms that are very difficult to navigate through, the terrain is very tough to drive in, and there is always a danger of drowning in quicksand or monster sandstorms. Dust's main enemies are the sand pits. Dust is armed with two spears, and is also armed with a wheel launcher. He has the element of sand/wind. Dust is tan-coloured. he also fights large hands that have glowing palms and large worms that live in the sand pits.

Boss RoboRider[edit | edit source]

Main article: 8516 The Boss

The Boss was the last set ever released in the theme. No description has been given so it will remain unknown if he is the evil RoboRider that launched the virus or if he is the commander of the other RoboRiders. He apparently likes to lurk in the Desert-Realm and the Ice-Realm (as seen on box). His elements are unknown, his colour is orange.

Wheels[edit | edit source]

The wheels were included with the RoboRider sets. There were sixteen different types of Wheels who were characters before they changed into the Wheels. They were availble in every RoboRiders set in different colours. Special golden wheels were released in combo packs.

  • Axer
  • Blazooka
  • Chain-Saw
  • Driller
  • Dynamite
  • Flame
  • Fuel
  • Grab
  • Laser
  • Ninja
  • Rope
  • Scout
  • Skeleton
  • Stunner
  • Toxic
  • Twin-Saw
The 16 Roboriders Wheels

Sets[edit | edit source]

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
Lava buggy.jpg 1290  Lava Buggy  35       2000 
Power Bike.jpg 1291  Power Bike  32       2000 
Frost flyer.jpg 1292  Frost Flyer  34       2000 
Swamp craft.jpg 1293  Swamp Craft  25       2000 
Sixroboriders.jpg 78675  Original RoboRiders Pack  221       2000 
8003-1.jpg 8003  Volcano Climber  35       2000 
8004-1.jpg 8004  Dirt Bike  32       2000 
8005-1.jpg 8005  Ice Explorer  34       2000 
8006-1.jpg 8006  Swamp Craft  25       2000 
8509 Canister.jpg 8509  Swamp  45     $5.99  2000 
8510-1-1.jpg 8510  Lava  33     $5.99  2000 
8511-1-1.jpg 8511  Frost  44     $6.99  2000 
8512-1-1.jpg 8512  Onyx  37     $5.99  2000 
8513 Canister.jpg 8513  Dust  46     $5.99  2000 
8514-1-1.jpg 8514  Power  32     $5.99  2000 
Wheels.jpg 8515  RoboRider Wheels     $1.99  2000 
8516 Boss 2.jpg 8516  The Boss  125       2000 
880010-1.jpeg 880010  Swamp/Lava Pack         2001 
Combination Packs
  • Lava/Swamp Combo
  • Power/Onyx Combo
  • Dust/Frost Combo
  • Other Combo's Instructions were released on the official website

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