Target Zapper

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Target Zapper

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Target Zapper is the third Online Game on the Collectible Minifigures website.


In the game, you shoot at apples in the odd levels and green balloons in the evens, whle avoiding hitting the dynamite, crystals, and chicken legs. You can play as a Cowboy or Spaceman. If you shoot a bad item, or let the time bar fill up, you lose and have to restart the level.

1st Level[edit]

The 1st level

The four items are arranged on a staircase, you just have to shoot one apple.

2nd Level[edit]

You must shoot green balloons coming out from a chest. They rise up and eventually leave the area (which means you lose). There are also red balloons. Shooting them causes you to lose.

3rd Level[edit]

You have to shoot green apples from a rotating cartwheel.

4th Level[edit]

You must shoot balloons but this time there are two chests.

5th Level[edit]

You must shoot apples but this time there are two cartwheels.

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