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The Sun / News of the World Promotion


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The Sun is a popular tabloid newspaper which has ran a number of LEGO promotions, the first promotion ran from the 14th May - 22nd May, 2011. Another promotion also ran in The Sun's Sunday sister paper, the News of the World.

The News of the World closed down in July 2011, meaning subsequent promotions are only in The Sun.

A second promotion started in The Sun on October 8 2011, and a third on May 19, 2012. The fourth promotion started on October 27 2012, and is still running.

Sets[edit | edit source]

May 2011 (Sun/NoTW)[edit | edit source]

October 2011 (The Sun only)[edit | edit source]

May 2012 (The Sun only)[edit | edit source]

October\November 2012 (The Sun only)[1][edit | edit source]

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