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Cherry Tree Hills[edit | edit source]

In LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins, Chase McCain is a rookie cop at the LEGO City Police Department. The game begins with McCain recording a monologue about his new job, documenting the chief of police, Chief Gleeson, and her deputy, Marion Dunby. He is interrupted when Deputy Dunby angrily approaches him and asks him what he is doing. Gleeson scolds him, so Dunby waits for her to leave, after which he orders McCain to get him some donuts, as he had run out. McCain goes to the donut shop across the street - only to be told that they were out of donuts, as the delivery van had been in an accident. The cashier tells McCain where the van is, and McCain rushes to the accident. The driver, stuck in a mailbox, tells McCain that he'll wait for the fire department and asks him to take the delivery van to the donut shop. McCain takes the van to its destination, and then gets purchases his donuts. He then hands them over to an officer with a dolly, who takes them inside.

Immediately after, Dunby calls McCain and tells him that there is a report of a missing dog, Mr. Waggles, on the other side of Cherry Tree Hills. The dog owner, distressed, asks McCain to help him find his dog. McCain checks a back alley, where he meets Doorlock Homes, a detective for the LCPD. Homes shows McCain how to look for footprints, and so he starts looking for Mr. Waggles' pawprints. He is led up to a shirt that the dog buried that belongs to the "Knuckles Gang", complete with an address. McCain goes to the address, only to be locked out by the gate. McCain climbs a neighbouring building and performs an audio scan on the vicinity, finding Mr. Waggles' location by amplifying his howls. He then uses a zipline to get onto the property, and climbs the building where Mr. Waggles is held in, freeing the dog from its cage. He then puts Mr. Waggles in a police dog unit, and returns him to his owner.

Dunby then orders McCain to return to the station, where Officer Lawson tells him that a news crew is doing a feature on the LCPD. The news crew is using a helicopter, but the station's helipad is incomplete due to the construction crew's lack of Super Bricks. Lawson gives him 200 Super Bricks, telling him he needs 100 more to build the helipad. After obtaining at least 300 Super Bricks, McCain returns to the roof of the station and builds the helipad. Shortly thereafter, a police helicopter containing the news crew lands. McCain becomes infatuated by the reporter, Natalia Kowalski, but promptly pushes his feelings aside. Dunby then tells McCain to show the camera crew what kind of police work LCPD officers do. He then tells McCain that Worker Plumbs is stuck on a beam suspended by a crane behind the police station. Plumbs tells McCain that the Knuckles Gang dismantled the generator switch and hid the parts nearby. McCain retrieves the parts and starts up the generator, rescuing the worker. Dunby then informs McCain that there is a problem in the playground next to the police department's construction site. McCain investigates and finds a man driving an out-of-control lawnmower. He tells McCain that the Knuckles Gang rigged his mower. McCain spots a winch above them, on train tracks that are under construction. McCain activates a lift to get up to the worksite, and proceeds past multiple obstacles until he reaches the power supply for the winch. He plugs the power supply into the winch, and lowers it until the man can grab on, saving him.

Dunby then informs McCain of an urgent situation; the car showroom nearby is being robbed, and there are hostages. McCain reaches the showroom, which is already being blockaded by other officers. The robbers, led by Booster Strange, attack McCain after he tells them they are under arrest. McCain arrests the first eight gang members, which prompts Booster Strange to challenge him. McCain follows him up to the roof of the showroom, which causes Strange to back off. He orders three more of his men to attack McCain, but McCain handcuffs all three. Strange, out of options, jumps through the skylight of the showroom and steals a Falchion GT. McCain gives chase in his own vehicle, ramming Strange's vehicle until it breaks down outside of the bank. McCain and Strange engage in a fist fight, which ultimately ends in his arrest. As two officers escort Strange to their vehicle, McCain picks up a radio dropped by Strange and hears some feedback.

Strange is revealed to be a member of the Knuckles Gang, and tells the police the location of multiple Knuckles Gang members' hideout in the apartments which McCain is standing outside of. McCain uses his newly-acquired radio to wiretap the door of the first apartment. He overhears Greeny talking to another blue-haired gangster about Strange's arrest. The other gang member calls McCain a "hot-shot cop". Greeny then tells the other gang member that Tony "Knuckles" McGee, their boss, was "going to freak" when he heard about Strange. Greeny then laughs and says that there's a reason that Tony's nickname is "Knuckles". Finding wiretapping useful, McCain goes upstairs to wiretaps a second door. However, before he can do that, two gang members see him and attack him; however, both are arrested. McCain then listens in on the second pair of gang members. A red-haired gangster tells a black-haired gangster that Knuckles is planning to take over Cherry Tree Hills. The black-haired gang member, shocked, asks the other gang member why he hadn't heard. The red-haired gang member replies by telling him he didn't need to know, which causes the black-haired gangster to exclaim that stealing Mr. Waggles was a bad idea. McCain approaches the third apartment and wiretaps the door. He then hears another black-haired gangster ask an orange-haired gangster why the takeover of the district hadn't been started yet; the orange-haired gangster replies by telling him the gang lacked funding, so they were going to rob the bank. The black-haired gangster realises they need money to pay more gang members, which is confirmed by the other gangster. McCain proceeds to the fourth and final apartment after arresting three more gangsters, again wiretapping the door; this time, two gangsters speak about the upcoming bank robbery. The pink-haired gangster says that Knuckles put Jimmy the Snitch in charge of running the bank operation; however, the red-haired gang member is skeptical about Jimmy's capability to rob the bank, as he is a notorious snitch. The other gangster tells him that they'll find out soon, as Jimmy was robbing the bank as they spoke.

Dunby orders McCain to report to the bank immediately and arrest him. McCain waits outside the bank, and notes that there is nothing suspicious going on. Jimmy approaches the bank at that moment, but upon seeing McCain, he makes a run for it, alerting McCain of his presence. McCain pressures Jimmy to give up, but he continues running. He climbs up a building, taunting McCain, but he still gives chase. Jimmy then jumps a fence on one of the buildings, again taunting McCain on whether he could climb or not. Jimmy continues to swiftly cross a tightrope and slide under ventilation ducts, taunting McCain over extra donuts he assumed McCain had eaten hindering his performance. McCain continues chasing Jimmy until they reach the end of the rooftops. Jimmy gives up and tells him to read him his rights, as he'll be out by morning; McCain tells him that that his release could be arranged under the conditions that he gives up Knuckles' location. He initially refuses, but after McCain hints at throwing him off the building, he starts talking, telling McCain that Knuckles likes to hang out in the basketball court in next block.

After arresting Jimmy, Chief Gleeson congratulates McCain and tells him to return to the station, as there was a new gadget awaiting him that would help him in catching Knuckles. At the station, Lawson presents McCain with a grappling gun, which she explains to McCain, and hands it over to him; immediately after, McCain shoots the LCPD sign behind Lawson and knocks it off the building. McCain heads over to the basketball court, where Knuckles identifies McCain; this leads to McCain ordering Tony to give up, as he is under arrest. Tony laughs it off, and threatens to kill two police officers he is holding hostage, should McCain try to arrest him. Knuckles then orders his gang members to take out McCain, but McCain arrests all three. Knuckles makes a jeering comment towards McCain, noting his good fighting skills, bringing out three more gangsters to challenge him. McCain again arrests all three, leading Tony to become tired of his henchmen's failures, and directly challenges McCain to come and get him. McCain uses his new grappling gun to get to Tony, but he uses his own grappling gun to get away. This leads to a chase along the rooftops, similar to the chase with Jimmy the Snitch. Knuckles tells McCain that he is never going to return to prison, and asks McCain what he thinks about his maze that he created with the rooftops. McCain does not give up, instead continues, prompting Tony to become frustrated; Tony then jumps down to the basketball court to fight with McCain. McCain overpowers him twice and throws him to the side, which causes Tony to call in three more gangsters, which McCain quickly arrests; Tony, angered by continued failures, fights McCain again, which goes on for a while, interrupted by gangsters every few throws. Tony eventually becomes too weak to fight, which allows McCain to finally arrest him. Tony, shocked at how McCain singlehandedly took down him and his gang, asks McCain how he did it - to which McCain replies that Tony simply wasn't as tough as he thought he was. Chase hands Tony over to Ted Baxter and another officer to escort him to the station, where Tony states that he'll be out in no-time; McCain states otherwise, which leads Tony to steal Chase's pants when he wasn't looking, as proof that he'd be out.

Albatross Island[edit | edit source]

Immediately after, Dunby orders McCain to report to the jetty behind the police station. Dunby briefs McCain on a developing situation at Albatross Island Prison, and that he needs McCain to go undercover as a prisoner to find out what is going on. McCain takes the ferry to the island, handcuffed and wearing a plainclothes disguise Dunby had given him. After getting off the ferry, McCain is escorted by a Prison Guard. However, once the ferry leaves, a prisoner reveals that the guard was just another prisoner in disguise. McCain sees Prison Guard Owens bound and gagged by the other prisoners, which tell him that the "big boss" is going to break them out later that day. McCain realises that he will need a better disguise if he is going to fit in with the other prisoners, so he begins to search, eventually finding a striped prison uniform with a crowbar. He uses his new crowbar to break open some doors until he reaches the prison courtyard, where he decides he needs to make some friends. He spots a crying man in the distance, and decides to approach him. The man, Burt "Birdman" Wellington, begins to talk about losing "her", and then pointing at a parrot. McCain begins chasing her around the prison, until he picks up a donut that a prisoner in a watchtower accidentally dropped. He lures the bird in with the donut, and then picks her up and returns her to the man. McCain and Birdman shake hands, and he tells McCain that Birdman's gang could use a man like him. He tells McCain that Slick and his gang run the north courtyard of the prison, and have locked out Birdman's gang; should McCain be able to run them off, he would be considered a member of the Birdman gang. McCain manages to cross over the gate separating the north yard and the south yard, and gets the attention of four prisoners playing basketball. After arresting them, he goes for Slick. However, two more of his henchmen are around, and they attack McCain as he enters; Slick, on the other hand, climbs on top of some lockers. McCain arrests both of them, and goes for Slick, who jumps down from his perch but is swiftly overpowered. Slick is thrown into the lockers head-first, which busts open, revealing a key. McCain unlocks the gate and allows Birdman's gang to access the north yard, effectively making him a member of the gang. As a reward, Birdman teaches McCain how to crack safes. He uses his new skill to unlock a door that leads to an upper level of one of the buildings and grants him access to a roof. McCain uses the roof as a vantage point for his audio scanner, and discovers the location of the warden - locked in a cell by the water tower, northeast of the north yard. McCain uses a nearby zipline to get past a gate guarded by rival gang members, holding the warden hostage. McCain reaches the cell holding the warden and frees him using a key buried under some boxes nearby. Warden Fielding, however, refuses to leave until McCain can ensure that backup is on the way. He gives McCain the security access code for the door leading to the radio tower on the roof of the C Block building. McCain arrests the hostile prisoners and goes to the radio tower. After calling Lawson to send in backup, McCain begins to devise a plan to get the warden to safety, using an escape vehicle. He smashes a nearby RC car into a wash wagon nearby, and rebuilds it into a remote-controlled wagon. He ushers the warden into it, and drives him into the south yard. He then follows the warden to the watchtower areas, where the warden taunts Birdman. The warden and McCain proceed through gates in the watchtower areas, punching in security access codes when needed, and arresting hostile members of Birdman's gang. However, they are temporarily locked out of one of the buildings when the warden forgets the security access code to one of the doors, and has to try to unlock it multiple times. Once inside, McCain has to get the warden to the other side of the room, but the ladders are all out of reach, so McCain has to lower them first. Once the warden gets to the door, he punches in the code, which grants them access to the roof the the building. However, the helipad still needs to be built, so McCain builds it. While building it however, Birdman catches up with them. Birdman points at McCain and makes a punching gesture, and then pulls out the remote to an RC car. These cars, however, are rigged with incendiary explosives. McCain has to trick Birdman into running them into the niches they came from, blowing them and other cars up, until all four niches are destroyed. Birdman then jumps down from his perch and attacks McCain, however, McCain eventually overpowers him and wins, pinning him down and handcuffing them until backup arrives. While watching the news at the police station, McCain realises that while he was trying to get into Birdman's gang, many prisoners escaped, including five of LEGO City's worst criminals - Rex Fury, Carl Walnuts, Von Kruchman, Smokey Fuentes, and Tony "Knuckles" McGee. McCain again shows signs of his love for the reporter, Natalia Kowalski, but is again quickly distracted by overhearing Dunby questioning whether Fury was the mastermind behind the prison break. McCain, never having heard Rex Fury's name before, asks the deputy who Fury is. Annoyed, Dunby tells McCain that it's none of his business. Chief Gleeson, however, tells McCain that Rex Fury is a dangerous criminal known to be behind various robberies, but he cannot be charged due to the fact that he always commits crimes in disguise. McCain asks who the other three criminals are, to which Gleeson replies that she believes that they were broken out for some "greater plan". Gleeson tells Chase to head to Auburn Docks, as there was a theft there that she believed was connected to the breakouts.

Auburn[edit | edit source]

Chase heads to Auburn Docks, where Quentin Spencer is waiting for him, where a news crew is already interviewing Worker Woodman, Worker Plumbs, and Rod Stanchion. McCain spots Natalia once again, this time approaching her and introducing himself before interrogating the workers. Woodman tells McCain and Spencer that all of their equipment has been stolen, and that their foreman is stuck in a crane. McCain takes Spencer's patrol car to the construction site where the foreman is, which is being defaced by gangsters. The apparent leader of the gang rides the lift to the top of the crane, having another gang member destroy the controls so that nobody could follow him. McCain, however, rebuilds the controls and follows the gangster. He overhears him tell the foreman that the construction site is now under the control of Smokey Fuentes. McCain arrests the gangster and saves the foreman, who informs him that Fuentes has indeed taken over the construction site and stolen equipment. The foreman tells Chase that he will need to pick up a worker's uniform from a locker on a nearby rooftop. McCain parachutes off the crane, and heads to an auto repair shop to climb to the roofs. He traverses the roofs until he reaches one where he overhears Smokey giving some of his gang members orders to get rid of McCain. As soon as Fuentes leaves, McCain drops down and arrests the gang members, and reaches the locker, which is guarded by three more gangsters. McCain arrests them as well and puts on the worker's uniform. McCain uses his new pneumatic drill to burst a high-pressure water pipe that he uses to reach a catapult that he uses to land in a rooftop swimming pool. McCain then heads towards the Auburn Bay Bridge construction site, where the foreman and his crew are on break. The foreman tells McCain that their digger has been spotted in a nearby container yard, and they need McCain to retrieve it. McCain heads to the container yard and bursts another water pipe to get over the locked gate. However, more of Fuentes' goons are guarding the digger, so McCain has to arrest them. After arresting them, McCain gets in the digger and runs the gate down to escape, returning the vehicle to the construction yard. The foreman tells McCain that they are now aware of the location of their forklift in a garage nearby. McCain heads to the garage, where he spots an overturned truck. McCain uses his grapple gun to turn the truck upright, and uses the driver's bricks to build a climbing wall to get over the gate. Once again, McCain encounters more of Fuentes' goons, which he arrests. He runs the garage's gate down with the forklift and returns to the construction yard. The foreman tells McCain that their last vehicle, their service truck, has been spotted at the docks. McCain heads to the docks and finds the truck, which is locked in a gated area. McCain finds a crudely patched area to the left of the garage, and drills into it, finding a key to the gate. He unlocks the gate and finds more of Fuentes' gang, arresting them. McCain then returns the last stolen vehicle to the foreman. Soon afterward, however, the bridge's blueprints are stolen by another one of Fuentes' goons, delaying the bridge's construction once again. McCain radios Lawson on known locations of Fuentes gang hideouts, and Lawson provides him with the location. McCain heads over to the hideout, where he is spotted by a gangster. The gangster runs away, which leads McCain to chase him across the rooftops until they reach "The Cage" - fenced in area on a rooftop where McCain and the gangster finally fight. The gangster is defeated and arrested, and McCain finds one of the stolen blueprints on him. Having recovered only one blueprint, McCain radios Lawson again for another possible location. Lawson informs McCain that there had just been a sighting at the waterworks. McCain heads over to the waterworks, where he is spotted by another gangster. The gangster, just like the first one, runs away, but is eventually tackled by McCain. Once having recovered the blueprints, McCain returns to the construction yard again. The foreman tells McCain that the site's supplies have also been stolen by Fuentes, but they have spares at the docks. The foreman tells McCain that he has a truck at a depot on the other side of the district, and he needs McCain to load the supplies onto it. McCain heads over to the depot and gets the truck, and heads over to the docks. However, the gate to the cargo ship where the supplies are stored is locked, so McCain has to climb up the building to the left of the gate, break into it, and unlock the gate. He drives the truck over to the ship, which is guarded by three Fuentes goons. He arrests all three, but two more drive up and attack McCain, but they are arrested as well. McCain loads the supplies into the truck, but as soon as he is finished, two goons that had been hiding behind some containers steal the truck while McCain is off-guard. However, McCain is able to chase them using the car that the goons had left parked there earlier. McCain rams the truck until the truck stops. The gangsters get off the truck and try to defend it, but McCain arrests them both and returns the truck and its supplies to the foreman. The foreman asks McCain for one final favour before they begin to finish repairing the bridge - that McCain repair their broken generators, as the workers had all fallen asleep. McCain repairs all four generators. Once the generators are repaired, McCain, the foreman, Woodman, and Plumbs begin repairing the bridge and finish soon after, once again opening up travel between Auburn, Fort Meadows, and the Bluebell Forest. Plumbs notifies the foreman and McCain that Fuentes himself has been spotted at the construction site with the crane. Determined to defeat Fuentes, McCain heads off to the construction site. Upon arrival, however, McCain notices that the perimeter to the site is surrounded by a dangerous electric fence. McCain uses his detective skills to find and repair an energy control panel, which upon repair raises the gate to the nearby auto repair shop. Once inside, McCain uses his grapple gun to remove the power supply from the electric fence. He then climbs over the fence and heads over to another fenced-off area. He enters the area and is immediately startled by an explosion, which causes Smokey Fuentes to sinisterly tell McCain that "construction sites can be very dangerous places." He then begins to throw dynamite bundles at McCain, which McCain dodges while he tries to repair four generators. After repairing all four generators, three Fuentes goons run in and begin to attack McCain, but all three are arrested. Below Fuentes are four levers which will shock Fuentes if he is standing above one of them. McCain pulls the lever and electrocutes Fuentes, and then continues to fight three more gangsters. McCain pulls the lever again, shocking Fuentes a second time, which causes him to throw four bundles of dynamite at once, killing any goons that are still alive if in the vicinity. Three more goons show up, and McCain pulls the lever a third time, causing Fuentes to fall from his perch and begins to fight McCain. McCain then arrests, fights, and defeats, Fuentes and his remaining goons. Back at the police station, Dunby wonders why Fuentes would need construction materials. McCain realises Fuentes didn't need the materials, he was trying to halt construction on the Auburn Bay Bridge to keep people out of Fort Meadows. Dunby, however, believes that it's a wild goose chase, but sends McCain to Fort Meadows anyway.

Fort Meadows[edit | edit source]

McCain departs from the station, and goes through Cherry Tree Hills and Auburn until he reaches the Auburn Bay Bridge, which he crosses into Fort Meadows. He follows the main highway until he spots a tractor in the driveway of some farmland. McCain walks over to the the tractor, and loudly inquires as to whether anyone is there. Squirrel McTavish yells out in pain after hitting himself on the head trying to get out from under his tractor, to which McCain apologises. McTavish brushes it off, and tells him he's glad that a policeman has finally arrived, as there had been a "strange rash of robberies" that day. Now knowing that there are indeed criminals in Fort Meadows, he tells Farmer McTavish that he can stop worrying. McCain tells the farmer that someone had sabotaged the construction of the Auburn Bay Bridge, and asks him if he had seen anything suspicious. The farmer tells McCain that Jethro Hayes and Rose Hayes had disappeared, and that he has also seen many new faces on the farm. McCain notices three men by a pickup truck further down the road, and walks over to them. One of the men uses his earpiece to alert his boss that there is a policeman on the premises, and tells him to shut up shop until they're done dealing with him. The man tells his other two companions to attack McCain. McCain defeats and arrests all three men in a fist fight, and then returns to the farmer. McCain and the farmer exchange remarks, but quickly get back to business; McCain tells the farmer that while he doesn't know who they are, he does know that they don't take kindly to strangers. McTavish tells McCain to change into a farmer's overalls, which he keeps in a locker on the second floor of the nearby outbuilding. McCain climbs the building using a ladder he built, and changes into the overalls. The farmer then tells McCain to try out his new ability that came with his new disguise, the chicken glide. McCain glides off of the outbuilding onto a nearby haystack and then returns to the farmer. Farmer McTavish tells McCain that he is going to need a way into their circles, and tells him to drop off his tractor at the barnyard on the other side of the farm. McCain agrees, and heads for the barnyard. Upon arrival, he notices several men running around the farm, trying to steal chicken eggs from nests. McCain is puzzled by the odd sight, but he decides to continue the investigation. He walks over to Slash, asking for Jethro Hayes. Slash begins to stutter, however, he is cut short by a man in green overalls and a brown hat, von Kruchman. von Kruchman tells McCain that Farmer Hayes is on vacation, and that he was tasked with taking over the farm for him. McCain tells him that Hayes had promised him a job on the farm. von Kruchman decides to take advantage of McCain's presence, so he tells Slasher (whom he refers to as "Mr. Pike"), to set him to work. McCain's first mission is to find and retrieve eggs scattered across the barnyard. McCain asks Pike where the eggs are, to which Pike replies by telling him to find the chickens. After retrieving all the eggs off of the rooftops of the barns, house, and outbuilding, McCain returns to Pike. Pike then insults McCain by saying he doesn't look like he can cook, and tells him to go to the fields; McCain replies by shooting the eggs and saying "There you go, scrambled eggs." Pike threatens to report McCain to von Kruchman, but lets him go to the fields anyway. McCain runs over to the field, where he meets Cropper, another one of von Kruchman's goons. Cropper tells McCain to find and build scarecrows all along the field near the highway. McCain tells Cropper that scarecrows are supposed to be in the centre of the field, and not along the edges; However, Cropper becomes flustered and threatens McCain. McCain builds the first scarecrow and notices that it has a surveillance camera built in; Cropper replies by telling him that the cameras are to look out for rustlers, furthering McCain's skepticism. McCain builds the other three scarecrows and returns to Cropper, who already has another assignment for McCain; he must return the gang's pickup truck to the barn and await further instructions. Upon arrival, McCain partially backs the truck into one of the barns' garages. Slash tells McCain that he must put the generator above him into the truck; however, the generator is inaccessible. McCain realises that he must find higher ground so that he can glide over to the generator. He breaks into a taller barn by disabling the gate, and then comes across another pickup truck loaded with dynamite. McCain asks Slash what the dynamite is for, to which he replies, "fishing". The truck is missing a wheel, so McCain puts the wheel back on and pushes the truck. McCain climbs the truck and then uses his grapple gun to crash through the barn's skylight. McCain then glides off of the barn to the generator and pushes it onto the back of the truck. McCain takes the generator over to a large satellite dish, where he is instructed to plug it into the dish by one of von Kruchman's goons. McCain asks the goon what the dish is for, to which he replies, "we don't have cable." McCain then repairs the generator and activates the dish, and is promptly instructed by the goon to go across the field and do the same for another dish. However, the dish is broken, so McCain must grapple up to a nearby windpump and glide over to the dish. McCain repairs the dish and the generator, and gets it working. A few moments later, McCain gets a call from Deputy Dunby, who alerts McCain that someone has threatened to blow up the Heritage Bridge, and that he needs a lead; However, having no real intel to work with, tells the deputy that he is working on it. McCain decides to pay von Kruchman a visit, and so gets in the pickup truck and heads back to the barnyard. He climbs up to the outbuilding where von Kruchman is staying, and wiretaps the door. He overhears von Kruchman speaking to an unknown man, telling him that if the LCPD does not meet their demands, that they will suffer the consequences. He assures the man that nothing will go wrong, as satellite surveillance has been put in place; von Kruchman will know the LCPD's every move. McCain is spotted by Slash, who asks him what he is doing up there. McCain tells Slash that he simply wanted to have a word with "the boss" - however, Slash tells him to get down from there as he has another job for him. McCain walks over to Slash, who tells him to wait for his men to bring a bucking bronco to them. However, the two goons carrying it accidentally drop it and knock down the pig pen's gate, allowing Farmer Haye's rare mountain pigs, which can climb up walls and will only come close to farmers. von Kruchman busts out of the outbuilding, seemingly annoyed by all the ruckus being caused on the barnyard, before being cut short by the uncanny sight of a bucking bronco. Slash tells him it's a bucking bronco, which elicits a disappointed response from him. He orders Slash to round up the pigs, who passes the duty over to McCain. McCain spots the first pig on the second story of one of the barns, which puzzles McCain as to how the pig got there in the first place. Nevertheless, he proceeds to lure the pig down with a box of fruit which he places on an elevator that he sends up to the pig. McCain mounts the pig and rides him back to the pig pen. McCain then gets into the gang's pickup truck and proceeds to the farm's sewage pit, where he asks a goon if he has seen any pigs. The goon instead orders McCain to repair the sewage pump. McCain must wade into the sewage pit to retrieve parts for the pump, and then repairs it and activates it. McCain asks the goon to check if anything is blocking the sewage pipe, to which the goon reluctantly agrees. McCain then turns on the pump, which shoots out the pig and blasts the goon headfirst into the sewage pit. McCain mounts the pig, but before he can return it to the pig pen, another goon tells McCain that he and the pig are wanted at the racetrack nearby. McCain meets the goon at the racetrack, who pits McCain in a challenge against Cropper and the gang's pig, "The Porkchop Express", in a pig race. McCain races Cropper until he finally beats him. McCain then returns the pig to the pig pen, and takes the gang's pickup truck to search for the next pig by the highway. The pig drives by McCain in Farmer McTavish's tractor, wrecking two cars on the road - one a taxi cab containing Slick, one of Albatross Prison's major gang leaders, and another a small car with a female prisoner. McCain proceeds down the road to a roadside diner, where the tractor is seen lodged into a combine harvester's reel. The combine harvester's driver and another man whose car was wrecked by the accident exchange remarks, while McCain tries to free the pig, trapped in the combine harvester's reel, by removing the tire that was blocking it. The pig then flies out onto the ceiling of the diner, where McCain must glide over to by climbing a billboard. Once mounted, McCain drops it onto the back of the truck that Slash has waiting for them. He informs McCain that the last pig was spotted in the woods nearby. The pig is on the roof of one of the cabins nearby, with three goons trying to unsuccessfully lure the pig down, to kill and eat him. However, McCain tells them that the pig will be coming with him; the leader becomes angry, and a fight erupts between McCain and the gang. McCain arrests all three gang members and returns the pig to a pig pen nearby. Moments later, he hears a cry for help nearby, and proceeds to investigate. He approaches a cabin nearby, to which he realises that the cries are coming from within. The woman continues to cry for help, but one of her captors, Cropper, assures her that she cannot be heard. McCain builds a ladder to climb to the roof of the building, and breaks in through the skylight. It is at this moment that the von Kruchman gang realise that McCain is not a "farm boy", as they thought he was, but a police officer. Cropper, Slash, and two other goons attack him, but he defeats all four of them and rescues the woman, revealed to be Mrs. Rose Hayes, Jethro Hayes' wife. McCain interrogates Mrs. Hayes, who tells him that she and her husband were kidnapped by von Kruchman. McCain breaks the two of them out of the house, and is awaited by Rose outside.