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10659 Blue LEGO Suitcase

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Blue LEGO Suitcase
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Bricks and More

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10659 Blue LEGO Suitcase is a Bricks and More set released in January 2013. It contains two minifigures, a dog, and a variety of bricks themed around city transportation.


The set contains a variety of bricks to create items based on City transportation, such as cars and service stations. These include elements such as windows, doors, tools, wheels, tyres, axles, and windscreens. The box features two models that can be built with the bricks: a small red car and a small service station.

The small red car has four small, white wheels with black tyres. It features a seating area with enough room to seat the civilian minifigure included. The seating area has two side mirrors on the sides, a transparent windshield element in the front, and no roof. On the front of the car are two translucent yellow bricks acting like headlights, a grey grill element, and two sloped white elements acting as the front bumper.

The service station lies on a large grey baseplate, and its main features are a gas pump and a large, white wall in the back. The gas pump is mainly white with some blue plates on top. In the centre of the pump is a printed brick acting as the screen, and attached to one side of the pump is a rope with the nozzle at the end. On one side of the pump is a sign stating the speed limit, and on the other side, a bit further back, is a gate. Behind the pump, at the back of the baseplate, is a large white wall. On the right side of the wall is a large window. There is a large, square hole in the wall near the centre, and in this hole is the black tool rack, which holds, a red can, a black hammer, and a black wrench. On top of the wall is a thin orange plate, and on top of this plate is a small white flagpole from which a red, square flag is flown.

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PriceUS $24.99
DE €24.99
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TitleBlue LEGO Suitcase +
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