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12V was a voltage standard for LEGO Trains sets from 1969 until 1993. In contrast to the older battery powered 4.5V standard, the power of the 12V system came from a mains powered DC Transformer delivered by add-on center conductor rails.

In order to reach the newer 12V standard, the older – but still co-existing – 4.5V Trains system could be upgraded by using different 12V Trains accessories.

Beside the train electricity itself, the 12V Trains system was able to power and control many extendable components, such as automated track accessories or lights.

No futher 12V sets were released after 1986, and the 12V powered trains were replaced by 9V trains in 1993.

Leaflet explaining the transition from 12V to 9V made in 1993 (in French)

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