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15 Large House Set

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Large House Set
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15 Large House Set is a Minitalia set released in 1973. It contained 157 pieces.


This set consisted of a majority of parts which were produced in Italy. The plastic used to produce these bricks was not ABS plastic and the resulting bricks were not as bright in colour as LEGO Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene parts. There was no LEGO trademark on the top of studs as most were hollow like TECHNIC bricks. The tubing system LEGO uses to couple bricks was changed to an x-type system. Other, more complex types of bricks used were manufactured by LEGO such as the towball, sockets and fence parts.


  • Minitalia was produced in Italy much the same as Samsonite was produced in the USA. The difference was to avoid difficult importing laws in Italy.
Facts about "15 Large House Set"
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