2634 Truck

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2634 Truck is a DUPLO Town set that was released in 1983. It contains 7 pieces including one DUPLO Figure.


The set consists of a single model, that of a yellow-and-red-coloured tipper lorry (dump truck). The wheels of the machine are pure black plastic, and are on a metal axle which allows them to spin. Tyhe wheels are connected to the bottom part of the truck, which is entirely yellow. Small side decks are molded between the four wheel wells, and a driver's seat is located in the front. A red bumper is molded in the front, and two printed headlights are just above it. In the far rear, an attachment coupling is located, allowing the vehicle to be connected to others in the DUPLO line. A large red container is located in the back of the truck. It is connected on a hinge, allowing it to be dumped, and the load within to be spilled on the ground. Two blue bricks are included in the set, to be placed in the container and dumped.

Also included is a single DUPLO figure. He is a simple construction worker, with blue pants, a blue shirt and arms, a flesh-coloured head, and a yellow hard hat. His face is printed with two simple eyes, along with a mouth. He carries a grey shovel.

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