Rock Raiders #1

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Rock Raiders #1
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Rock Raiders

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3347 Rock Raiders #1 is a Rock Raiders set released in 2000 that is part of the Rock Raiders Mini Heroes Collection. It comes with the Chief minifigure, a display stand and a trading card.


The set consists of a single minifigure, that of the exclusive and hard-to-find Chief. Chief wears normal, non-printed dark grey pants, as well as a torso of the same colour. His right arm is also dark grey, although his left is turquoise, as is his left hand. His right hand is an ungloved yellow. Chief's torso contains a large amount of highly detailed printing, with elements such as a triple-creased pocket, a battery pack, several tubes connecting to said pack, and some nondescript items on his upper left chest. He also had printing suggesting a folded-down collar, featuring a pair of buttons, with a slightly-exposed chest. His oddly-coloured turquoise arm is assumedly an artificial prosthetic, as the tubes from the battery pack run directly to his right shoulder, to where the arm is located. Chief's head contains printing as well: He features a slightly open, upturned mouth, a light grey mustache, eyes, thick eyebrows, and a shock of hair above all of this. His eyes are unpupiled. Chief wears a light grey crash helmet, to protect him from falling rocks. The helmet features a transparent yellowish-green visor, which can be turned down or up, depending on the preference.

Chief also carries a pair of Star Wars macrobinoculars as his only accessory. Also included with the set is a brown baseplate for Chief to stand on, as well as a character card which slots into this base.

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  • This set is the only Rock Raiders set to contain Chief. As a result, Chief is a rare, sought-after minifigure, and the rarest of all the Rock Raiders minifigures.


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