383 Knight's Tournament

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Knight's Tournament



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383 Knight's Tournament is a Castle set released in 1979. It contains two jousting knights, two watching knights, a King and Queen watching in a canopy, and two brick-built Horses. The canopy has two thrones, flags and cups. This set also contained a rare Cypress tree which hasn't been used since. This set includes 213 pieces and was made to replicate a joust.


The main building rests on a 8x24 green plate. The back wall of the canopy is completely blue, with two flags sporting from the bricks jutting out. The canopy itself is striped red and white, connected to two cylindrical poles connected to the short, red wall in the front. Two thrones, or ornate chairs, rest in the centre of the building. Two brick-built horses sit outside the baseplate, preparing to joust. Finally, the baseplate also holds two watching knights.


  • This was the second set released in the Castle theme.
  • Horses had not been created by LEGO at this time so they were brick-built.
  • The set contains uniquely-printed flags on the roof of the canopy

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