40052 Springtime Scene

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Springtime Scene
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40052 Springtime Scene is a Seasonal set released in 2013. It contains 88 pieces, and two minifigures.


The set consists of several models, each of which are springtime-themed. It includes several small green plates, upon which three different models are built. The first of the models features a flowering tree, next to which is a small white picket fence. The tree itself features several separate branches, each with green leaves and flowering buds.

The second model, a small fountain, is also built on a green plate. It features the aforementioned fountain, as well as a small patch of flowers and some more white picket fencing. The fountain itself is built in a somewhat circular manner, and features a small water bowl along with a squirting jet of water in the middle. A frog sits on top of the fountain.

The third model, a bench, is as well built on a green plate. It features a small, white bench, as well as a small viney plant and a larger flower. The bench is able to seat two minifigures, the two that are included in the set. These minifigures are a boy and a girl of unknown age.

The first minifigure, a boy, has on jeans, a hooded, drawstring sweatshirt with a pouch, and wears a green cap on his head. His face is printed with a smiling face, showing teeth, and two eyes with printed pupils.

The second minifigure, a girl, is wearing orange pants, an orange shirt with fringes, and is wearing her black hair in a ponytail. Her face is printed in a smiley face with lipstick, and she also has printed eyes with pupils. Above her eyes are detailed eyelashes.


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