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426 Abe pi dresine

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This article is about the wood toy. For the animal, see Monkey.
Abe pi dresine



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Wood Toys

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426 Abe pi dresine or LEGO Monkey is a Wood Toys set released in 1946. The set includes a brown wooden monkey attached to a colourful wooden car.


The set includes a single object, a wooden toy carved like a monkey on a car. When the wheels are turned, the monkey's hands, arms and body rock back and forth via a lever system inside the toy. The model is painted with several colours, including brown, green, red, blue, and tan. Also included in the model is a small blue tray in the rear of the car. A sticker on the bottom of the car reads 'LEGO', in the 1946 company logo. The set measures 25 cm long.


  • It is the first set to include another character except a vehicle.[source?]
  • The car sported a new LEGO logo that was introduced in 1946 and lasted until 1950.

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