6180 Hydro Search Sub

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6180 Hydro Search Sub
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6180 Hydro Search Sub is a Hydronauts set released in 1998. It contains a large submarine with a crew of three Hydronauts and a Stingray prisoner. It is the largest submarine of the Hydronauts.


The sub consists of a large main section with a detachable scout submarine mounted on magnets on its back. The main section has a small one-man cockpit at the front with a prison cell/cargo hold behind it. On the large wing sections on port and starboard are two crew compartments that both contain a seat for one minifigure with a monitor in front of it. Right behind the wings are niches for two of the green storage containers, and a small storage compartment with a lid. At the aft of the ship, right beneath the detachable sub is another storage space covered by a hatch.

The auxilliary sub has a large green dome on its top that houses its cockpit and a green storage container. It is equipped with two hoses with suction cups and two harpoon guns. On its wings are detachable search lights that can be attached to the helmets of the Hydronauts.

The set also includes three green storage containers, but only one single crystal piece.



Minifigures Included[edit]

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Hydronaut, Black hands, Blue LegsHydronaut, Red hands, Black LegsHydronaut, Black hands, Black LegsA Stingray

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