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6464 Super Rescue Complex

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Super Rescue Complex
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    City Center

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6464 Super Rescue Complex is a City Center set released in 1999. It contains a street with several buildings, vehicles, and six minifigures, along with several accessories. Among the buildings are a police department, a fire station and a repair shop. Notable vehicles are a tractor drawn aerial, a truck and a police helicopter. The minifigures comprise two policemen, two firemen, a mechanic and a pedestrian.


The street consists of two road plates with T-intersections. On the streetside are several roadsigns and two yellow mailboxes.

Each building is built onto its own baseplate. The police station contains a small office and has a helicopter landing pad on the roof. It uses the same green window pieces as 6332 Command Post Central. The fire station is a small two storey building with a siren on its roof and a tool rack on the ground floor. The repair shop consists only of a car port with chains affixed to the ceiling to suspend vehicles.

The tractor drawn aerial is equipped with a turntable ladder, fire hoses, fire extinguishers and two additional ladders mounted on its sides.


  • This set contained one of just two tractor drawn aerials released to date. The other one was included in 6340 Hook & Ladder from 1994.

Other street scenes[edit]

The Modular Houses line included buildings that could be combined to create a street scene

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US $77.00

Additional prices:
CA $109.00
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    City Center +
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