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970614 6-Stud Axles

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6-Stud Axles
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970614 6-Stud Axles is a Service Packs set released in 2002 containing 50 6-stud long axles. The set was identical to 970015 Black 6 Stud Axle.


The set entails 50 6-stud length black TECHNIC axles. All of the axles are essentially identical, with variations only on the microscopic scale. The axles, like all TECHNIC axles, have a cross-section shape of a "+", with the shape continuing on down the length of the stick. The unique "prongs" of the axles enable them to form a solid, non-moving connectiong with pieces which contain a distinct "+"-shaped cutout. Axles can also be placed through pinholes, in order to be moveable, and transfer power from one place to another. On the end of the axles, special rounding is featured. This enables easier pushing through of axles through designated axle-holes, since otherwise the edges would catch and would make it difficult for young children.

Facts about "970614 6-Stud Axles"
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Image970015 Black 6 Stud Axle.jpg +
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Item №970614 +
Pieces50 +
Released2002 +
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ThemeService Packs
Title6-Stud Axles +
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