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Alpha Mode

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The Blizzard Blaster's Alpha Mode sequence.

Alpha Mode is a concept created by the LEGO Group for the Alpha Team Mission Deep Freeze subtheme. All the Alpha Team vehicles in this theme can transform from a "standard" mode to Alpha Mode. This means that one vehicle is essentially two, and it can be triggered without having to deconstruct the set. The point of this feature in the Alpha Team story is that Alpha Team vehicles can adapt to any situation. Alpha Mode is the primary function and point of interest in the Alpha Team Deep Freeze sets.

An example of this transformation could be 4743 Ice Blade. With the simple movement of some pieces, the set transforms from a snowmobile to a helicopter.

List of all sets with the Alpha Mode feature[edit]

  • 4743 Ice Blade - Transforms from the Ice Blade, a type of snowmobile, to the X-1 Helicopter when in Alpha Mode.
  • 4770 Blizzard Blaster - The Blizzard Blaster transforms from a walker-type of vehicle to the Ice Shark when in Alpha Mode.
  • 4742 Chill Speeder - Changes from a small recon speeder to a light all-terrain mech known as the X-1 Snowbot Defender when in Alpha Mode.
  • 4744 Tundra Tracker - The four-wheeled vehicle becomes more taller and a drill is revealed in Alpha Mode, although at the price of a reduction of mobility.
  • Blue Eagle (4745 Blue Eagle vs. Snow Crawler) - Transforms from a high powered jet to a stealthy snowmobile in Alpha Mode. In the Alpha Team online games The snowmobile could not be seen by enemies.
  • Solar Speeder Snow Mobile (4748 Ogel's Mountain Fortress) - In Alpha Mode, a hidden missile launcher is revealed, but the four wheeled vehicle's mobility is greatly reduced.
  • 4746 Mobile Command Center - The four wheeled vehicle opens up to reveal a hidden base of operations in Alpha Mode.
  • 4774 Scorpion Orb Launcher - the only vehicle of Ogel's that could use Alpha Mode, which transformes into the snake-like Viper Escape vehicle.


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