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LEGO Theme:



Traveller's Tales


Amaze Entertainment

Date Released:

2006, 2007


Action, adventure


Single player


E-10 - T


PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Windows PC, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Gamecube

BIONICLE Heroes is a third-person shooter video game released in the year of 2006. It was developed by TT games and published by Amaze Entertainment, being the fifth official BIONICLE video game and the second BIONICLE video game released on multiple consoles. The game is located on Voya Nui, featuring the Toa Inika as the main characters and heroes and the Piraka as the antagonists.

Storywise, the game is non-canonical and is loosely based on the BIONICLE Legends story arc, along with featuring various characters from the previous arcs in the franchise.

All the versions of the game are the same, with the exception of the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance versions. While the game came out on most platforms in 2006, it came out with its Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS versions in 2007. It should also be noted that this game is the first LEGO game to be rated T for Teen by the ESRB.


It is thought that the console version picks up where the Mobile and GBA versions left off. The game starts after showing the logos of the company that made it. Jaller's Toa canister is seen washing up on Voya Nui after staying in the canister following the first defeat of the Piraka. Waiting there until help was needed again. The canister's lid is seen getting kicked-off. And Jaller runs out to a place where Balta is siting. Balta quickly explains that Vezon and Fenrakk have used the Kanohi Ignika (the Mask of Life) to rebuild the Piraka along with the Rahkshi, Titans, Vahki, Visorak, and Bohrok. Balta then takes the Kanohi Calix (the Mask of Fate) out of a storage unit and puts it on Jaller's face telling him to defeat the villains and to recover the Ignika. The camera then zooms out to show an overview of the island while at the same time showing the rest of the Toa Inika (Jaller's team) walking towards Jaller.


The Game[edit]

It features each of the Toa Inika, and they carry one of three different weapons: the tool of the elementally corresponding Toa Mata, the tool of the corresponding Toa Metru, and finally their own tool featured in their set. They upgrade from one weapon to another as the player buys them in the Matoran Enclave. The player fights many enemies spanning all over the BIONICLE world, from Rahkshi to Visorak, as well as some familiar mini-bosses, like Sidorak and Roodaka. The player can unlock different abilities that help them unlock bonus canisters, and once a Piraka is defeated, they can be played as in their zone. However when you defeat Vezon, you cannot play as any of the other Piraka, but Vezon still has all the Piraka's abilities.

The Toa[edit]

Each Toa had thier own unique skill set and abilities. They also had a very expensive special ability that had to be bought from the Matoran enclave.

Image Inika Attack Speciality Unlockable Ability Weapons Description
BHJaller.png Jaller Rapid fire beam - short-medium range Walk on Lava Torch - Allows Jaller to burn through vines in his way.
  • Fire Sword
  • Launcher
  • Advanced Flame Sword
Jaller is the fastest Toa, making him good for dodging enemy attacks. His weapon is best at short to medium range, with it becoming inaccurate at farther distances.
BHHahli.png Hahli Rapid fire beam - medium range Walk on Water Drench - Allows Hahli to activate water-themed objects.
  • Hook
  • Hydro Blade
  • Laser Harpoon
Hali is a medium speed Toa, but becomes both stronger and faster when walking on water. Her weapon is best at medium range, but effective in-close and at long distances.
BHKongu.png Kongu Spread shot - medium range Super Jump Gust - Allows Kongu to activate air-themed objects.
  • Air Axe
  • Aero Slicer
  • Laser Crossbow
Kongu is the second-fastest Toa. He is the only toa that can jump, and only at certain locations. His weapon is best at close range and very effective against multiple enemies.
BHMatoro.png Matoro Single shot - long range Zoom In (lock on to far away targets) Freeze - Allowed Matoro to create ice bridges.
  • Ice Sword
  • Crystal Spike
  • Advanced Ice Sword
Matoro is a slow Toa, but an excellent distance specialist. He possess the ability to zoom in on targets, which can be both used in combat and on certian white objects, such as switches. His weapon is best at long range and can destroy some enemies with only a single hit. It is very slow to recharge.
BHHewkii.png Hewkii Rocket Launcher - Long range Construct Shatter - Allowed Hewkii to smash boulders in his way.
  • Po-Koro
  • Proto Piton
  • Laser Axe
Hewkii is a slow Toa, with the ability to both assemble or break apart certain LEGO pieces. This ability also allows him to interact with machinery. Although slow, Hewkii is incredibly strong, with his weapon acting as a rocket launcher. These rockets are slow to recharge ,but have a medium blast range, dealing immense amounts of damage to the target while wounding nearby enemies.
BHNuparu.png Nuparu Bomb - Short range. Climb Excavate - Allowed Nuparu to dig up buried objects.
  • Claw
  • Earthshock Drill
  • Laser Drill
Nuparu is also a slow Toa. He is the only Toa with the ability to climb certain walls and rock faces. His weapon is not the best choice for close combat, but is very good for lobbing over walls or shooting around corners. It tends to fire in a arch-shaped path and has a large blast radius. It will only reload after the last shot has detonated.



The Bohrok are a common enemy in the game. They are not very powerful, but quite versatile. They are the only enemies that can fly. While flying, they are both slow and vulnerable. While on the ground, they become tougher, and while in close range, they can roll up into a ball and hurl themselves at the player, knocking him backwards. Bohrok emit a force field while rolling, making them invulnerable.


The Visorak are a common enemy in the game. They are distance specialists, but can preform long-distance jumps to bite the player. They also appear without warning, dropping from above on their spider webs.


The Vahki are an uncommon enemy in the game. They are much stronger than both the Visorak and the Bohrok. Their most common method of attack is shooting a disk of energy from their mouths. they can also preform a close range attack where they slam the ground, wounding the player. Some Vahki appear in their walking mode, while others appear in the crawling mode. In their crawling mode, they must be defeated twice. The first defeat causes them to jump up into their walking mode, but with only half of their original health.


During the game you will face six Zones (and an additional seventh one), with the boss of each zone being the Piraka in the zone name. Most of these zones are large outdoor environments with the exception of Avak's, which takes place in the Piraka stronghold.

Vezok's Coastline[edit]

  • Piraka Bluff
Objective: Defeat Guurahk.
  • Smugglers Cove
Objective: Get Zamor Sphere.
  • Shattered Wreck
Objective: Defeat Roodaka.
  • Vezok's Deluge
Objective: Defeat Vezok.

Hakann's Volcano[edit]

  • Scorched Earth
Objective: Defeat Turahk.
  • Volcanic Trail
Objective: Get Zamor Sphere.
  • Fiery Mine
Objective: Defeat Brutaka.
  • Hakann's Pit
Objective: Defeat Hakann.

Zaktan's Jungle[edit]

  • Logging Post
Objective: Defeat Lerahk.
  • Ancient Forest
Objective: Get Zamor Sphere.
  • Forgotten Shrine
Objective: Defeat Sidorak.
  • Zaktan's Chamber
Objective: Defeat Zaktan.

Avak's Stronghold[edit]

  • Decrepit Dungeons
Objective: Defeat Panrahk.
  • Cleansing Plant
Objective Get Zamor Sphere.
  • Menacing Keep
Objective: Defeat Krekka.
  • Avak's Dynamo
Objective: Defeat Avak.

Reidak's Desert[edit]

  • Desert Outpost
Objective: Defeat Vorahk.
  • Bleak Refinery
Objective: Get Zamor Sphere.
  • Ancient Citadel
Objective: Defeat Axonn.
  • Reidak's Bastion
Objective: Defeat Reidak.

Thok's Mountain[edit]

  • Flooded Lowlands
Objective: Defeat Kurahk.
  • Mountain Path
Objective: Get Zamor Sphere.
  • Blizzard Peaks
Objective: Defeat Nidhiki.
  • Thok's Grotto
Objective: Defeat Thok.

Vezon's Awakening[edit]

Objective: Defeat Vezon and Fenrakk

End Cutscene[edit]

At the end of the game (if one has achieved 100% completion), you receive a message from Balta congratulating you. As the messages ends and the camera zooms out on the island, a whirlpool heading towards Mahri Nui appears. This is a cliffhanger for the next story arc, that of the Toa Mahri.

In the actual BIONICLE storyline, the passageway is not a whirlpool, but rather, "The Cord", which led to Mahri Nui and was opened by Axonn to give the Toa Inika a route to find the Mask of Life.


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