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A Baseplate is a large flat plate in many colours, on which structures are often built ontop of. They can be bought as sets like 628 X-Large Grey Baseplate or come in sets that contain buildings. Compared to regular plate elements, baseplates are much more thinner and flat and their undersides cannot be connected to other studded pieces.

The first baseplates were released in the late 1960s. Previously (and for some time after), large bricks, such as part 700e were used for the same purpose.


Baseplates are usually sized in multiples of eighth studs, although there are occassional exceptions such as 10x16, 14x14 or 50x50.

Prevalent sizes
12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 36 40 48 50
8 x x x x
10 x x
14 x x
16 x x x x x
20 x
24 x x x
32 x x
40 x x
48 x
50 x


Most baseplates are completely covered with studs, while others have large entirely flat sections on their surfaces that are printed with various different patterns to act as roads, waterways etc.

Raised baseplates

See raised baseplate

List of baseplate sets[edit]

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