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Brickipedia:Policies and guidelines

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Though each wiki hosted by Brickimedia has it's own individual policies, Brickimedia also has several global policies, which apply to all wikis hosted by the network. These are described below. Whilst some wikis may employ other rules for their own wikis, these policies stay the same throughout the Brickimedia wiki network.

Image Policy[edit]

See: Image Policy

This policy defines the guidelines for images on Brickimedia, such as the acceptable image content and image licensing.

Privacy Policy[edit]

See: Privacy Policy

This policy shows the relationship between you and the Brickimedia Association in terms of privacy. This policy includes a general scope on your privacy on Brickimedia, as well as details on privacy regarding anonymous editing and data collected upon visiting, contributing, and account creation.

Terms of Use[edit]

See: Terms of Use

This contains important information on your rights and limitations as a user of Brickimedia.