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Brickipedia:Useful templates for articles

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In order to make basic information on a subject more accessible and editing more easier, Brickipedians created several useful templates for articles that every contributor should consider to use when creating new articles or improving existing ones.

For details and to use the following templates properly, read the documentations on their respective pages first.

Obligatory templates[edit]


Infoboxes are the easiest way to display the most important information about a subject in way so it can be seen at the first glance. Including infoboxes makes an article instantly look more professional and structured. Currently, there are specialized infoboxes for the following groups of subjects:

Set header[edit]

The {{Set header}} should be put at the top of every set article, it contains information about the theme under which the set in question was released, as well as links to sets with neighbouring numbers.

Optional templates[edit]

Description quote box[edit]

Sets that are currently for sale at the LEGO Shop have an official commercial description on their shop page. This description should be included on the respective set article at Brickipedia for the sake of completeness and documentation purposes. To distiguinsh this external content (which is copyrighted) from the text written by Brickipedians (which is available under the free Creative Commons license), it should be put in a special frame, which can be found here. There's also the possibility to link to the official shop page via the template.

External links[edit]

To make it easier to link to LEGO databases, which in most cases serve as source for much of the informations on sets, we have the {{External info}} template. It displays links to databases such as Peeron, Lugnet and Brickset, as well as to instruction scans at Peeron.

Message and maintenance tags[edit]

On this page, you can find several templates with which you can tag articles for maintenance or add notifications if the article in question meets the respective criteria.

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