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Bubba Blaster

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Bubba Blaster

World Racers


Trophy, aviators helmet



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Bubba Blaster is a World Racers minifigure and a member of the Backyard Blasters. He has appeared in three sets, wearing different headgear in each.


Bubba has been released in three variants, each the same as the last but with different headgear. In his first variant, he is wearing a black aviator hat with dark stone grey goggles attached to it. In his second, he has a racing helmet printed with stripes, and a black visor. In his third, he is wearing a spiked dark stone grey helmet.

In all three of his variants, Bubba has the same head, torso and legs. His head is bright yellow, the skin tone of most non-licensed minifigures, and is double-sided. On one side he has a grimacing expression with a few wrinkle marks, and on the other a worried expression where he is clenching his teeth. One thing to note about this head part is that the monobrow that is on both sides is much lower than it would be on most minifigures, but this is so it can be seen through the visors of the various helmets he wears.

His torso is black, and depicts a black jacket with a dirty white vest underneath. Half of the jacket appears similar to the design of a typical "finish line" flag, while the other half is decorated with flames. His arms are black and his hands are yellow. His hips are black and his legs are dark stone grey.

Gallery of Variants[edit]

Aviator helmet Racing helmet Spiked helmet


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