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Buildable Galaxy

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Star Wars Buildable Galaxy

2012 - 2013

Subtheme of:

Star Wars

Buildable Galaxy is a series of planets, minifigures and ships designed to create a Star Wars themed overhead space mobile.


Buildable Galaxy was a subtheme of Star Wars that began in 2012. Each Buildable Galaxy set comes with one Minifigure and accessory, a small micro model space ship, and a celestial body (Such as planets, space stations, asteroid fields or moons). Each figure is generally a redesign of a figure not re-released for several years, a figure only available in a high-priced set, or would not fit in an other set. Some also are an outlet for the creation of new pieces when not required in upcoming sets, however will be eventually. Because of this some fans have treated it as a Star Wars equivalent to the Minifigures (theme).

Series 1 Mini Figures[edit]

Series 2 Minifigures[edit]

Series 3 Minifigures[edit]

Series 4 Minifigures[edit]



  • So far, the TIE Pilot is the only minifigure to be in the subtheme twice.
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