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This article is about supplementary sets. For the Hero Factory character, see Dunkan Bulk.


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Bulk sets are sets that include one type of brick, in large quantities. There is a large variety of pieces available in Bulk, and the theme consists of 116 different sets so far. The theme had subtheme piece sets for Castle, Trains, TECHNIC, Seasonal, and other themes.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image B001  1 x 4 x 5 Black Window Frames, Transparent Blue Panes          
No image B002  1 x 4 x 3 Train Window Clear          
No image B003  Red Frame, Black Door, Green Pane          
No image B004  2 x 4 Ridge Roof Tile Low Sloped Black          
No image 10003  1x2 Sand Red Bricks          
No image 10004  2x2 Sand Red Bricks          
No image 10005  2x4 Sand Red Bricks          
No image 10006  1x6 Sand Red Bricks          
No image 10007  2x4 Sand Red Ridge Roof Tiles Steep Slope          
No image 10008  2x4 Sand Red Roof Steep Slope          
No image 10009  Assorted Blue Bricks          
No image 10010  Assorted Yellow Bricks          
No image 10011  Assorted Blue Plates          
No image 10012  Assorted Yellow Plates          
No image 10053  Black Roof Tiles          
No image 10054  Black Roof Tiles          
No image 10055  Black Roof Tiles          
No image 10074  Cross Axles          
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