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Cruncher Block

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Cruncher Block

Speed Racer



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Cruncher Block is a minifigure from the Speed Racer theme.


Like the majority of minifigures in the Speed Racer line, Cruncher comes with no hairpiece, instead featuring printing on his head to resemble one.


Cruncher Block is a crime lord who works as an enforcer for the corrupt corporations behind professional motor racing, keeping the more reluctant drivers in line. He's first seen in the movie working Taejo Togokhan over for thinking about revealing what he knows. He's interrupted by Racer X and is forced to throw Taejo off his truck to escape. When Taejo, Racer X and Speed Racer team up to compete in the Crucible in order to make Taejo's family company too strong for Cruncher's bosses to take over, Cruncher bribes half the field to target Team Togokhan and allow the arranged first place driver, Snake Oiler, to win. They slow Team Togokhan down enough to let Snake Oiler win the first stage, but Speed and the others remain a threat for the second stage. Cruncher sends some ninja assassins to attack them in their hotel rooms, but while most of the ninjas fail, Taejo is poisoned. The team hides that fact by having Speed's girlfriend Trixie race in his car, forcing Cruncher to try to kidnap Taejo's sister Haruko. He hijacks her helicopter but is ambushed by Taejo, disguised as Haruko.


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