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Darkley's Boarding School For Bad Boys

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Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys
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Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys is a location from the Ninjago theme. It appeared in the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu episodes "Never Trust a Snake" and "Double Trouble". Darkley's was the school that Lloyd Garmadon attended as a boy.

Episodes Featured In[edit]

"Never Trust a Snake"[edit]

The ninja (along with Sensei Wu and Nya) visited Darkley's in this episode to find and capture Pythor P. Chumsworth and Lloyd Garmadon. Upon entering, however, they quickly discovered that Lloyd and Pythor had set several traps for them. Cole was incapacitated by coughing gas triggered by Pythor while they were fighting, and Kai and Zane were trapped by a large blob of green goo. Jay, however, took an elevator to the roof and found Lloyd and Pythor. Pythor stole the map to the remaining Serpentine tombs from Lloyd and disappeared, presumably making a speedy escape. Lloyd was apprehended by the ninja and taken aboard the Destiny's Bounty.

Known Pupils[edit]

Known Teachers[edit]


  • Darkley's School is known to contain several traps and secret passages. These include a room with a spiked ceiling that can be lowered to impale and/or crush invaders, and a secret passage containing a large amount of spiders. Both were discovered by the ninja in Double Trouble.