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Subtheme of:

Town, City

Emergency is a subtheme of Town and City and involving the vehicles and buildings of the Emergency Medical Services. Only two Town sets were released.[source?]


Emergency was first introduced in 1978 as a Town subtheme, including several sets. After that, no new sets were released for almost 20 years. In 2006, City released four new hospital sets. The following year two smaller sets were released. City introduced another two new emergency-related sets in 2012.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 2064  Rescue Plane          
No image 30000  Doctor's Car          
No image 363  Hospital with Figures          
No image 4429  Helicopter Rescue          
No image 460  Rescue Units          
No image 4936  Doc & Patient          
No image 623  Medic's Car          
No image 6356  Med-Star Rescue Plane          
No image 6380  Emergency Treatment Center          
No image 66116  City Emergency Service Vehicles          
No image 66156  City Exclusive Pack          
No image 66175  Rescue Pack          
No image 66193  City Super Pack          
No image 66247  Emergency Services Value Pack          
No image 6629  Ambulance          
No image 6688  Ambulance          
No image 7267  Paramedic          
No image 7890  Ambulance          
No image 7892  Hospital          
No image 7902  Doctor's Car          
No image 7903  Man fallen into the river          
Lego Helicopter.gif 7903  Rescue Helicopter  245  3   $19.99  2006 
No image K7890  Rescue Collection          

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