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Explorer's Institute

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The Explorer's Institute was another walk-through attraction next door to the Magic Theatre in LEGO City. This attraction was closed at the end of the 2008 season, and was replaced by a block of toilets.

It contained 3 main sections: Rainforest, Egyptian and Arctic. It was a walkthrough with an aim of helping to find two lost explorers and find the keys which were scattered around the attraction; the object being to find all seven. There were two keys in the Rainforest room, three in the Egyptian rooms, and only one in the Arctic room. However this is only six keys, it was soon revealed in the last cabin room that the seventh key was the key to your imagination.

Each room had it's own special effects, for instance the Rainforest room had thunder sound effects and lightning flashes every minute or two. The last room in the Egyptian section had an 'Earthquake' effect when guests would stand on the floor, a rumbling sound effect could be heard and the floor underneath would shake from left to right. The Arctic room had an animatronic Polar Bear and this would lean down and growl at guests underneath him.