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2005 - 2008

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Factory is a theme that started in 2005. Three example sets were released that year by The LEGO Group, smaller than traditional LEGO Minifigure scale, approximately 1:50 scale. Factory is powered by LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) , a LEGO virtual building program available as a free download for PC and MAC from www.Lego.com. There were no sets released in 2006. In 2007 two sets created by LEGO fans were released. In 2009, LEGO Factory was replaced by Design byME.


Using the LDD people could design their own 3-D virtual model, and submit it for purchase using the shop-at-home division. Factory was also designed to enable users to view and purchase other users custom creations, you could add or remove bricks from creations at will, and then purchase for yourself. Factory sets arrived in custom packaging that showed a users model and name, and included all of the LEGO elements needed to build the virtual design in physical form.
During its Beta phase, The LEGO Group sponsored a contest to better understand the types of models that consumers would design using LDD. The contest lasted for 11 weeks and 8,000 models were custom designed. Ten models were voted by consumers and LEGO Master Model Builders to become real LEGO sets available exclusively through the company's Shop-at-Home division.

List of Sets[edit]

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
10183.jpg 10183  Hobby Trains  1080     $99.99  June 2007 
10191-1.jpg 10191  Star Justice  895  Star Justice Astronaut (3), 

Star Justice Robot

Star Justice Commander  
$69.99  2008 
10192.jpg 10192  Space Skulls  956  Space Skull Minion (3),  Bob Skull   $69.99  2008 
10200-1.jpg 10200  Custom Car Garage  893  3 Drivers, 1 Mechanic   $69.99  2008 
5524 box.jpg 5524  Airport  607       2005 
5525.jpg 5525  Amusement Park  1344       2005 
5526 Box.jpg 5526  Skyline  2747     $129.99  2005 

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