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Fan:All Terrain Jedi Hunter

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Star Wars




All Terrain Jedi Hunter is a custom set built by LEGOlas.


The AT-JH is a large mech consisting of mostly black,grey,and red parts. The legs have two joints each, one attaching it to the body, and on in the middle of it's leg. The weapons could swivel on the arms, and the arms could move from the shoulders. The window could open to reveal the cockpit, which in turn could detach to form the escape speeder. The back of the mech could also open to reveal the co-pilot's cockpit. Storage areas for weapons are located inside the Missile racks, which are accessed from the top. The repair vehicle consists of mostly, four wheels, a pilot seat, and a pose-able claw arm.


The All Terrain Jedi Hunter (or AT-JH) was a secret weapon created by the Sith empire during The Great Galactic War. It's main purpose was for hunting and eliminating Jedi, as it contained fire-power that lightsabers couldn't deflect. This vehicle was equipped with two shoulder-mounted missile racks, a powerful laser beam weapon, and a large machine gun. It was often repaired by an advanced assembly/repair vehicle. It was eventually decommissioned near the end of The Cold War


  • Detachable escape speeder
  • Moveable arms and legs
  • Eotating gun and beam weapons
  • Weapon storage inside missile racks
  • Assembly vehicle with pose-able claw-arm
  • Opening cockpit and back


  • This was created for the 2014 Comic-Con Contest and landed 2nd place.
  • This MOC was created using 9500 and 75025

Mech pictures[edit]

Assembly vehicle pictures[edit]