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Fan:Anarky (Lonnie Machin)

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Anarky (Lonnie Machin)
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DC Saberverse




Electrified staff, molotov cocktails






Batman: Fires of Anarky

Anarky, aka Lonnie Machin, is a major anarchist leader-figure based in Gotham City.



Lonnie was born to a middle-class family in Gotham and to two loving parents. However, Lonnie would never really know his father well as he was killed in action overseas. Desperate to hide this tragedy from her son, Lonnie's mother hid the truth of his father's passing and the horrors of the world to the best of her ability. This resulted in Lonnie being a very distant and anti-social child and teenager.

This all changed when the school Lonnie went to had a class-activity involving pen-pals. It was through this that Lonnie met a child in a harsh country called Xuasus, who revealed the truths of the world that Lonnie's mother kept from him. Lonnie and Xuasus kept in contact even after the activity until Lonnie sent a letter that never received a reply. After sending countless replies, Xuasus finally replied after a year with a final letter, saying that his country, Qurac, had started a war and that his father had been arrested by the government, his mother was dead and that he was living on the streets with his dying sister, fighting to survive. Enraged, Lonnie researched Qurac and war intensively, everything he ever knew crashing down around him. He discovered the level of corruptness and the sheer amount of censorship in America and especially his home Gotham City, and took a liking to anarchism. After a long time, Lonnie ran away from home, took on the identity of Anarky and started his anarchist movement in Gotham.

Batman: Fires of Anarky[edit]

To be available after Fires of Anarky ends. To read the story, click here:

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