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Fan:Battle for Brickimedia

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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Battle for Brickimedia


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Battle for Brickimedia is a futuristic theme, where the world known as Brickimedia has gone into all out war over ownership of the planet.


It began in the land of Brickimedia. Brickimedia was one of the most peaceful and beautiful kingdoms in the world, ruled by King Brick. King Brick was the fairest, wisest king ever in the history of Brickimedia. He was the one who invented the Edit-Gun to save Brickimedia from trolls and vandals. King Brick had two sons, Nynrah and Wikia. Nynrah was also deeply interested in inventions, like his father. He had invented chat, another way for Brickimedia to have more socializing and peace. Wikia was interested in medicine, potions... ...and viruses. Wikia spent all his life trying to make a formula to turn people into super-humans. He later invented the SPAM virus, which gave him evil thoughts and made his skin turn blue. He later killed his father, so that he could rule Brickimedia! He infected everyone with the SPAM virus, and invented evil minions called anons. King Nynrah dueled Wikia, but was defeated and sent away. Nynrah gathered some of the remaining survivors and created the group 'Editors' to defeat Wikia and take back Brickimedia This is...


(Written by Awesomeknight1234)




Some things I should say about these figures:

*The reason a majority of them have "-#" in their name, I will clarify at a later time.

*These minifigures were (somewhat) based on what the user described on how they wanted to look.




CreatorCM4Sci +
Img1FB4BBFN.png +
Img2FB4BJeyo.png + and FB4BSoH.png +
Img3FB4BKnight.png + and FB4BAnon.png +
Img4FB4BStorm.png + and FB4BCligra.png +
Img5FB4BSci.png + and FB4BSoup.png +
Img6FB4BBug.png + and FB4BBerry.png +
Img7FB4BCzech.png + and FB4BNuff.png +
Img8FB4BSpy.png +
Txt1BFN-1 + and Lord Wikia +
Txt2Jeyo-1 + and Lazer-1 +
Txt3Knight-1 + and Anon Minions +
Txt4Storm-1 + and Cligra-1 +
Txt5Sci-1 + and Purse-1 +
Txt6Bug-1 + and Berry-1 +
Txt7Czech-1 + and SaidNo-1 +
Txt8King Nynrah + and Spy-1 +