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Fan:Blacktron D5-77 Starfalcon

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Blacktron D5-77 Starfalcon
Blacktron D5-77 Starfalcon.png

Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut, Blacktron Astronaut (x2), Blacktron Shuttle Officer




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The Blacktron Starfalcon is a Blacktron Starfighter used for venturing through gas planets and the heart of the blacktron army; The Moon.


The starfighter includes wings which can be folded, a cockpit, and a door that leads into a storage room for Voltstones or Power Crystals. Also included in the set is a Control Panel area, the set includes 2 blacktron astronauts, 1 blacktron future generation astronaut, and a Blacktron Shuttle Officer.

Creator's Notes[edit]

  • Pretty much a ship inspired by birds and the Jedi Starfighters.
  • It has a pretty boxy look in the middle.

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