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Fan:Blacktron Moon Invasion

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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

Blacktron Moon Invasion



Outer Space


Edward Nigma

Blacktron Moon Invasion is an Outer Space set created by Edward Nigma. At the moment it has an unspecified piece count (it's too hard :P), and has 26 minifigures. It contains two official sets, the Super Nova II and the Vector Detector.


The Blacktron moon base is set on a moon taken over from a minifigure only known as Yavin, who named himself after to moon from Star Wars. Blacktron took over the moon, and invited Doctor Inferno to be with them to create another plan. The Agents found out by catching Dollar Bill and asking him what Doctor Inferno's plan was. They notifed the Space Police and Nexus Force. Among the Space Police was also a Hydronaut. The moon was also inhabited by Mars Mission astronauts and Classic Spacemen. When the Space Police notified them of the danger, they fled. The Agents built a spacecraft, and sent Agent Chase and Agent Fuse along. Upon arriving to the moon, they met with the Space Police. Because Blacktron was also the adversary of M-Tron, they sent some M-Tron astronauts from nearby. Max, who arrived with the Nexus Force, accidentally bumped into a machine, which notified Blacktron and the Inferno gang. They soon clashed, with Slime Face throwing toxic slime at the heroes. A hazmat guy was however among the Agents, and cleaned it up. He defeated Slime Face. Captain Magenta took out a rogue Futuron astronaut. The Blacktron commander, armed with a lightsaber chainsaw, went to the top of the mountain of the battlefield. The Nexus Force and Hydronaut attacked him, while a strange hooded figure advanced toward the villain. Fuse, disguised as a classic spaceman, shot Inferno with his laser cannon. Inferno, in rage, shot an electric bolt at him, but instead hit the Super Nova II ship. The ship crashed, and was blown up by the Vector Detector. The battle continued until both sides were low on defenses. The Blacktron commander was finally taken captive by the hooded figure. He sped away in a stolen Blacktron ship, shortly before a missing Space Police officer showed up. Slime Face, unbeknownst to the heroes, had escaped through a crack in his helmet. He soon returned to the secret Blacktron base, and merged with all the slime brought with him. A final battle emerged, but the hooded vigilante showed up again. He threw his lightsaber at the giant Slime Face, who now took the name Dr. D. Zaster, reducing him to normal size. However, he shot toxic slime at the Blacktron commander, freeing him. Yavin, out of nowhere, hit him with a pipe wrench, ending the threat on his moon. This was not the end of Blacktron, however, as the commander telrported away. Either way the Agents and Space Police won... Yavin then became the moon's ruler, and kept his moon protected by having the neighboring M-Tron astronauts make a base on his moon.