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Fan:Brickipedia Halloween

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Standard This theme is 'discontinued', but will be back in a year.

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Brickipedia Halloween
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King Kahuka
King Kahuka

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King Kahuka

Brickipedia Halloween is a theme made by many Brickipedians. The theme is about users who got infected by creatures. The only way to get back to normal is by finding The Moonstones of Life.


All of the Brickipedians lived peacefully until a special day. On October 31, 2014 many of them got infected by various creatures. Many people got scared of their appearance, but after some awkward talking they finally realized what they had to do. They had to find The Moonstones of Life to bring themselves back to normal. The Moonstones were protected by monsters who wouldn't do anything to let go of their precious Moonstones.

Each set includes a moonstone.

The Re-Transformations[edit]

After finding the moonstones, three of them didn't turn fully back in to humans. Take Sibo2808 as an example: He got transformed from Jack O'Ripper to Malevolent. (WIP)


The Infected Heroes[edit]

  1. Jack O'Ripper, later Malevolent, was once Sibo2808 until he got infected by Pumpkin Creeper Blood.
  2. Mr. S, later (TBA), was once Ichindar until he got infected by a Skelet-plant.
  3. Bonnán, later (TBA), was once Soupperson1 until she got cursed by a Sea-fairy.
  4. Tut-An-Kahn was once King Kahuka until he got infected by a Egyptian Scorpion.
  5. The Late Knight was once Latenightguy until he got infected by a ghostly spirit.
  6. Wikx was once ToaMeiko until he drank a potion and turned into a warlock.
  7. Wikx Bot was created by Wikx to help the heroes with their struggle.
  8. Ambre The Zombie King was one CJC95 until he pricked his pinkie finger, and got infected.
  9. Houp was one 1999Bug until he got cursed accidentally by a Sea-fairy.
  10. Gruel was once Cligra until he got infected by eating a spooky sorbet.

The Villians[edit]

  1. Sir Spooks
  2. Diana the Spooky Girl
  3. Patch
  4. Wolfguy
  5. Yuella
  6. Pumpkin Creepers
  7. Brian
  8. Connor
  9. Susana


  1. Jack O'ttack w/ Moonstone of the Pumpkin Creepers (Sibo2808)
  2. The Spooky Graveyard w/ Moonstone of the Ghosts (Sibo2808)
  3. Air Chair Battle (Soupperson1)
  4. Monster Bot Creation (Soupperson1)
  5. Yuella's Winter Tree-Cottage (Soupperson1)
  6. Swampy Sea Palace (Soupperson1)

Small Collections[edit]

  1. Mr. S vs Wolfguy (Ichindar)
  2. Pumpkin Creepers vs. Jack O'Ripper
  3. Daclid vs. Lowl (Soupperson1)
  4. Bonnán vs. Sea-fairy (Soupperson1)