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Fan:Dark Days in Japan

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The Dark Days in Japan
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Dark Days in Japan is is a theme made by Irnakk, contributed to by Clone gunner commander jedi and Mat96.


As a young boy, Nathan was a English Crewman. One day, the king requested the crew to arrive at Japan, as they would have a a surprise for them. When they arrived,The Crew and the Japanese where attacked by Ninja. Nathan was the only survivor and found the base of Japan. Nathan was trained by them, and the Japanese called him "Shori" even though he did not like that name... Years and years later, Nathan became stronger than anyone in Japan. The Master forged for him Samurai Armor. That night, they where attacked by a group of Ninja. Nathan needed to go from the house to the other house, and found out that the ninja are exactly the same he met years ago. He asked a ninja to jump of the cliff, and that ninja did. Nathan asked the other Ninja,to do the same, but the other Ninja are smart. Nathan defeated them. And several villagers died in battle. The next day, Nathan spots a Ninja The Ninja was trying to leave the village with a magical stone and golden studs and tell his master. Nathan follows the Ninja and tries to stop him. Nathan fell because of a Shuriken the Ninja threw, and the Ninja escaped. As the Ninja arrived, he informed his master, Krash,of a magical stone he found in the village. Krash put the stone into the statue, and the ninja disappeared in the well. To be Continued...



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Alien WarriorKrashNinja (Minifigure)Ninja (Minifigure)Ninja (microfigure)Shori (Minifigure)Shori (Microfigure)

Irnakk's Notes[edit]

  • The Amazing movie "The Last Samurai" inspired me by it's awesome story,characters, and landscape. Ninjago also inspired me in liking Ninjas and thus i found the movie The Last Samurai and I,ofcourse,watched it. ;)
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