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Fan:Desert Offroader

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Desert Offroader






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The Desert Offroader is my entry into the unofficial car building challenge on NXTLog. It has a strong sturdy structure and realistic details. It is remote controlled by another NXT and an extra motor. You turn the motor forward to go forward and you turn the motor backward to go backwards. To turn you hold down the middle button and turn the motor the way you want it to turn. It uses three NXT motors, two NXT bricks, a touch sensor, and a variety of TECHNIC parts.

Driving/Steering Mechanism[edit]


The driving mechanism has a ratio of 1:1 which is how fast the motors normally go, I originally planned it to have a ratio of 1:5 but it was way too fast so I settled with 1:1. The steering mechanism was really simple, it was practically the same as what I used in my HumvNXT, but with a few minor differences. Originally I was going to make this a model car without any automatic steering but I changed my mind and squeezed in a motor to make the turning automatic.

Realistic Features[edit]


I added a few features to make this offroader more realistic. First I add two seats in front, then I added a steering wheel that actually turns the wheel thanks to a gear arrangement. I also added a gas pedal that presses the touch sensor whenever you push it. And last but not least I added a spare tire in the back.