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Fan:Doctor Strange vs Baron Mordo

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Doctor Strange vs Baron Mordo

Doctor Strange
Baron Mordo


Super Heroes (Customs)



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Doctor Strange vs Baron Mordo is a Super Heroes (Customs) set made by Nexus.


Baron Mordo attacks Doctor Strange in the Sanctum Sanctorum building. While Strange is practicing his craft! Use the 'Super Jumper!' to leap over the artifact and defeat Baron Mordo!

  • -Features 'Super Jumper!'
  • -Wall breaks down with a rotation of a 2x2x1 grooved cylinder piece
  • -Features priceless yet useless artifact

Designer Notes[edit]

I wanted to make a nice small set for my first LEGO Customs set, so I wanted it to be Superheroes as that is my favorite theme. The process was simple enough of drawing out and creating a mock up of a set. Thankfully with this being a $10 set, it'd be fairly small so my mock-up didn't need much changing. The feature of this set is to blow out the wall, it's a nice feature especially for characters like Baron Mordo and Doctor Strange, as it'd be likely that someone would miss shooting a spell and hit the wall. The dark brown bits of the set are supposed to be curved wood and the small statues on the stairs are supposed to be raised on different levels, because my idea of Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum building is a very moderately older design mixed with some strange features. I was going to include this piece as a bookcase or a window featuring the Sanctorum's logo but I decided something simple that didn't take up the piece count (which I never did count.) I took note of LEGO leaving studs on the bases more often than a MOCer would, so the figures and any details wouldn't be held by balancing or a jumper plate to restrict how one could use the set to play with. I also added the Super Jumper for playability. It was just a fun idea that ending up being a realistic feature to my Custom set.


Doctor StrangeBaron Mordo


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