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Fan:Dragons 2013

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Dragons 2013
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Created by Sir_REX, Dragons 2013 is a custom theme similar to the current Dino theme, except with dragons and other villains.


Wave 1[edit]

In the year 2013, a mysterious, maleficent group known as the Shadow Riders reveal their plans to the world: to conquer and destroy using dragons, legendary creatures thought to exist only in legends and fantasy tales.

To counter them, a makeshift group of civilians have banded together with what little equipment they have. Using abandoned buildings as shelters and bases, they attempt to strike out against the Shadow Riders, their eventual goal to restore modern society.

Wave 2[edit]

Upon the destruction of the Shadow Riders' main laboratory, the Dragon Hunters begin to gain the upper hand, adapting advanced aerial and ground based technology.

This wave focuses more on the conflicting aspects of the two factions.


Wave 1[edit]

City Ambush

Deep Sea Attack

Urban Showdown

Crater Base

Dragon Hunter Battle Pack

Shadow Rider Battle Pack

Ocean Headquarters

Wave 2[edit]

Striker Jet

Landing Pad

Mysteries of the Ocean

Shadow Tamer Fortress

Arsenal Gulch

Vs Battle Pack


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