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Fan:Killer Croc Shipwreck Ambush

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Killer Croc Shipwreck Ambush

Killer Croc


Super Heroes (Customs)



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Killer Croc Shipwreck Ambush is a Super Heroes (Customs) set made by Nexus.


Killer Croc has escaped from Arkham Asylum! Keeping refuge in an old Shipwreck site, he has robbed the Gotham Jewelers! Hiding his loot beneath nearby wreckage! It's up to Batman to save the day! Armed with his Scuba Vehicle, he can coast down to the wreckage and apprehend Killer Croc! But watch out! Killer Croc has an ace up his sleeve! He's hidden dynamite in the boat! Luckily Batman's vehicle has stud shooters to stop Croc in his tracks!

  • -Features 'Super Jumper!'
  • -Features two stud shooters.
  • -Includes large bone and dynamite along with Croc's bag of jewels!
  • -Keep Croc grounded with the ball and chain on the wreckage!
  • -Sabotage Batman's vehicle with the wench on the wreckage!

Designer Notes

This set was a sketch of a small $10-$12 set featuring Killer Croc, Batman, and the Scuba Vehicle. It also included a variation of the subsection of the wreckage. However, it mirrored the 2014 set with Batman and The Penguin so I decided to go bigger, the boat's design is based off of abandoned civilian boats in the 2011 Game of the Year, Arkham City. I was also inspired by the new City Scuba theme. I always envisioned a better Scuba vehicle than the one I had made. But due to a lack of parts and the consideration of how large it would have been using the parts I did have, I dropped the first concept. The subsection's features were all made on accident. It was just supposed to be a filler piece I wanted to be a fish catapult but alas that was also too bulky. I am contempt with the build I got however. I would also like to revisit making this set. Perhaps including more characters and just making it bigger in general. But for what I was capable of making I am quite proud of the result.


Batman (New 52) (Scuba Gear)Killer Croc (Prison Jumpsuit)


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